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• Today I would like to focus on Facebook as a
topic for my presentation
• First, I will give a brief introduction to

• Secondly, I will discuss the reasons for

growing popularity of Facebook around the
• Third, I will shed light on the changes
Facebook has brought about at the individual
and societal level. Both positive and negative
changes will be discussed.
Introduction to Facebook

• Facebook was launched in February

2004 by its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

• As compared to other social media apps

such as MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn,
Facebook is one of the biggest social
networking sites (Tuunainen, Pitkanen,
& Hovi, 2009).
Reasons for Popularity of Facebook
• The Associated Press (September 2012) indicates
that Facebook has reached 1.01 billion people with
584 million active users each day and 604 million
users using Facebook from a mobile device each
• Another reason for its popularity is that it is free,
One can send messages, start video call and
upload photos. People can find old friends.
Reasons for its Popularity
• Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe (2007) as
cited in (McCorkindale, 2010) suggests
that The reason why Facebook is
becoming popular is that it helps
maintain a large network of friends, and
to enhance their social capital, which is
defined as the benefit one receives from
one’s relationship with others.
Changes brought about by Facebook

There are positive changes brought about

by Facebook at individual and societal
level. These are as follows:
• Facebook has made the world smaller.
• People can easily stay in touch with
friends. They can also socialize online.
For example, I can keep myself familiar
with the social and political changes
taking place in Kuwait. Nowadays, I don’t
feel the need to read newspaper
Changes brought about by

• Facebook users can post news

which are important to them
• Political campaigns can be
launched on Facebook. For
example, President Barack Obama
used Facebook in 2008 to reach his
Negative Changes brought about by

• There are some negative changes which

Facebook has brought about at the
individual and societal level.

• One can suffer from isolation while

sticking to the Facebook all the time.
Negative Changes brought about by

• As an individual, I felt myself putting on lot of

weight while sticking to Facebook. Naturally, I
lost the habit of doing exercise. Researchers
show that most teenagers in the UK tend to be
obese due to their habit of spending tie online

• Cyberbullying is another negative change

which social media apps has brought about.
For example, in America many incidents have
• Social media apps such as Facebook are
becoming popular with people all over the
world. The use of Facebook has both
advantages at individual and societal level.
• Businessmen can promote their businesses.
Politicians can use it. However, there are some
negative changes which Facebook has
brought about so it should be used in a
beneficial manner.
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