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Our Prime Minister’s

Connecting all the villages ( Rural & Tribal) and small

towns to the Bharat Net and enabling the mass to
enjoy the benefits of E-services and technology
available to each and every citizen of India

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Services @ villages
Tangible Digital India Benefits to Rural India thru Super WiFi

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Objectives: PROVIIDNG Services
thru connectivity

Primary Objective
 Disaster Relief / Public Protection
Other Objectives
 E-healthcare / medical services in each village / Hamlet
 Food Distribution/ Disaster Assistance
 Public Wi-Fi
 Warning/ advice farmers

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Our Consortium
Rigel Energy Management Singapore
Power Automation, Singapore
Rigel Smart Communication India
ABITS India

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OUR Technology – SUPER WIFI Communication
The frequency gaps between 380 and 470 MHz allocated for Disaster Relief and
Public Protection services will be put to use for Super WiFi.
 In NFAP 2011, under the Table IND82, there are around 8 spaces of frequencies are available which can be
used for PPDR and BWA. The content of the Table82 is reproduced below for understanding.

“Requirement of public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) communications including Broadband Wireless Access
may be considered, as far as possible, in the frequency bands 380-400 MHz, 406.1-430 MHz, 440-470 MHz, 746-
806 MHz, 806-824/851-869 MHz, 4940-4990 MHz and 5850-5925 MHz on a case-by-case basis depending on
specific need and equipments availability”.

 Our broadcasting devices (BDs) operate only in the unoccupied/ unused frequencies
or channels within the 74 MHz spectrum and within the limits imposed on the
transmission parameters..
 We had developed the technology to use the empty slots and perform such “data
slotting” without affecting the primary user ( i.e. Disaster Relief & Public Protection

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Super Wi-Fi Technology
What are the issues with untested Super WiFi devices ?
An issue with white spaces using in this manner is how to ensure that the Super WIFI
broadcasting devices (SBDs) operate only in the unoccupied frequencies or channels
and within the limits imposed on the transmission parameters. If they fail to do so,
interference may be caused to licensed users.
To prevent this, it is necessary for the Super WIFI BDs to:
a) determine the presence of a licensed user and
b) transmit at a power level that will not cause interference to
licensed services.
We had developed the technology to use the empty slots and perform such “data
slotting” without affecting the primary user.
We have completed the prototyping and the device is ready for testing

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Active Sensing
Active Sensing refers to the active scanning of all channels by the Base Station and CPE to decide
if the channel is empty
It is the use of cognitive radio to “sense” the quality of the link to decide if it is usable

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Active Sensing

 Instant scanning of available frequency within the allocated channels to decide

which channel is better for transmission.
 Quality of link is determined constantly to decide if there is a need to change.
 More Autonomous – better utilisation of channels as the use of Congnitive Radio
(CR) allows Super WiFi to spread out among the channels.
 Enhanced security as spoofers may not even know which channel are they using
now or intentionally using more than one channel to “split” the data which itself is
an encryption

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Super WIFI Intranet Architecture –
Blockwise Intranet connectivity

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E-health Super WiFi Communication INFRASTRUCUTURE

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 100’s of villages can be connected in a day
 Each base station will be installed and configured in an hour or 2
 Very cost effective.
 Only a fraction of the wired or 3G connection cost
 Active Sensing
 Sustainable and Scalable
 Our technology can be used as last mile as well as

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Solutions – Dynamic Sensing

Spectrum is wasted!
Cognitive radio (CR) is a Cognitive Radio Car Driving
potential solution Frequency spectrum Road
Frequency band Lane
Opportunistically CR device Car
use spectrum
when it is idle

Requires sensing
Without Cognitive Radio of available
When applied spectrum

it is called
Super WiFi

With Cognitive Radio

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Proof of Concept – Video

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Bohol Philippines
Super WiFi/Super WIFI Broadband connectivity
for Schools in Bohol Philippines
Signing On Oct 4

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Bohol Philipines – update in Feb 24 2014 –
Largest actual deployment in the World now for
Super WiFi
Super WiFi Deployment in the Philippines – Education, Tele- health and rural connectivity
We rollout Super WiFi since Oct 2013 and using 3 large Base stations and repeater stations to cover 1,000
Sq km. To cover 2000 sq km in next 3 months. 50 schools and hospital connected – all in 3 months !! Total
population – 2 million
 We deploy emergency units to provide instant connectivity to earthquake in Bohol and and typhoon victims
in Yolando, Philippines. Our ready solutions allows us to deploy and ready within 2 days after we ship in
which was done within 3 days.

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1. Due to Disaster, overall installation was delayed and the deadline was moved to 2nd week of
Feb from 31st Dec 2013
2. New sites need to be identified as the original sites where torn down due to the earthquake

Page 18
1. PA Installed TV whitespace to Bohol to provide connectivity to various governmnet agencies command
centre as part of the Emergency Relief operation
2. PA becomes the Defacto Communication Emergency Assitance team for disasters and same operation
was executed iin Leyte for the yolanda Typhoon Victimes

Community Hospital Using TV whitespace connectivity Provide Mobile Internet Connectivity to the Government
key Personnel

Skype Calls between the Local Governmnet Official and Department Of Social Welfare was given connectivity
the National Executives (Office of the President)
Super WiFi Performance

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Super WiFi for Taiwan

The signal of terrestrial TV is poor in rural area

The medical resource is deficient in rural area
since its nature of the terrain - The wireless
coverage is poor in rural area, and the medical
car can’t collect electrical anamnesis from each
hospital easily
Reduce digital gap in rural area by improving the
coverage wireless internet access
 Full outdoor wireless network coverage
 Function: free outdoor WiFi for inhabitants
and tourists
 Target: covering all area in tribe,
 Promote trade and growth for the villages
 connectivity for disaster recovery

TaoYuan- Rural Connectivity

Page 22
Super WiFi Performance

Page 23

 Mesh Super WiFi for M2M (auto

repeat , auto connect, auto manage
for millions of meters, sensors and of
POS/ATM system)

 Multi Channel aggregation across

non-contiguous channels

 High power, Multi-frequency Module

 Military grade encryption for defense


Why Choose Us ? - Because we know what is mission critical
and reliability means and built things to meet those needs

PA has the most Advanced Super WiFi controller in the market :

•Based on full on site dynamic sensing
•It can also work with Geo Database (GD) offered by Microsoft,
Google and Spectrum Bridge
•Industrialized Production
•Multi industry approach – huge income base
•Backed by Singapore Power (SP) (10 USD Billion Annual
Revenue), Wholly Owned by Temasek (Singapore Govt
Investment Company) and Siemens (200 Billion Euros Annual
•Staff strengths - PA (180- 90% engineers), SP (2200 – 80%
engineers) and Siemens (190,000 – 60% engineers)
•Fully able to fund and work with partners to do Built, Owned
and Operate (BOO) solutions and networks
•We maintains Singapore Power network so that it
enjoys 99.999% reliability – less than 2 mins downtime
per year
Super WiFi has range and penetration benefits compared
to other technologies

Various aspects such as regulations, technologies,

applications, end users are in place

Super WiFi is gaining momentum worldwide

We are looking forward to more innovative use of Super

WiFi for the benefit of rural India
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