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Underline the complete SUBJECT once;

the PREDICATE twice.

1. We went to the park.

2. I sang a song.
3. Mark and I played basketball at the park.
4. She ordered a hamburger and fries.
5. Do you want to eat pasta or pizza?
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A simple sentence is one
independent clause.

The only necessary pieces are a

subject and a predicate.
Simple Sentences

Marie baked her favorite cookie.

Joseph and Mary took care of the dog.
Lanie washed the dishes and swept the
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A compound sentence is two
or more independent clauses
joined together usually by a
coordinating conjunction.

Each of the independent clauses

will have its own subject and
An independent clause is a clause that
can stand alone.

It is a group of words that contains a

subject and verb and expresses a
complete thought.

An independent clause is a sentence.

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Comma + CC (FANBOYS)

The teens walked to the park, but it was


The gentleman did not know where the

sound came from, so he hid behind the
For - reason
And - addition / conjunction
Nor - and not
But - contrast
Or - option / disjunction
Yet - unexpected outcome
So - result

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You can also use a semicolon to
create a compound sentence since
the two statements are equal.
The teacher applauded the class; the kids
beamed with pride.

The dog ate; the cat slept.

Compound Sentences
Mom allowed me already, | but dad disagreed.

I got in trouble, | so I can't go to the party, |

but it would have been fun.

Identify whether the following sentences
are simple or compound.

1. I left, but Chikako stayed.

2. The rain fell for hours and ruined the
3. I like her; she likes him.
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April was a young girl.
She fed the turtles with pizza.

unless when
April insists there are four vigilantes.
Her boss doesn’t believe her.

if although
Master Splinter warns the turtles not
to get out of the sewer.
They continue to get out almost every

even if wherever
Mikey loves pizza.
He confessed that they went
outside the sewer.

unless because
A complex sentence contains
one independent clause and one or
more dependent clauses.
The dependent clause (DC) of a
complex sentence always begins
with a subordinating conjunction.
after, although, as, because, before, even
though, if, since, though, unless, until, when,
whenever, whereas, wherever, while

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Two Basic Forms
1. IC + DC
April fed the turtles with pizza when she
was a young girl.

2. DC (with a comma), + IC
When April was a young girl, she fed the
turtles with pizza.
Complex Sentence
I am going to take a nap |
when I get home from school.
Complex Sentence
Crossing the street is dangerous |
if you don't look both ways |
before you cross.

Form complex sentences using the

conjunctions below:
after, although, as, because, before, even
though, if, since, though, unless, until, when,
whenever, while
1. Donnie is the genius. He knows all
the answers.
2. Ralph doesn’t want to take orders.
He ends up obeying.
3. Leo is the leader. He is the eldest.
4. The fire destroyed the laboratory
completely. April was able to save the
rat and turtles.
In a short paragraph, narrate or
describe a short scene from your
favorite movie or book using at
least 3 complex sentences.
A compound-complex sentence is
the combination of each of the previous two
sentence types.

Two or more independent clauses joined

by a coordinating conjunction as well as a
dependent clause
Compound-Complex Sentence

Mom said | that I can go to the

museum with you | but I have to
be home early.
Compound-Complex Sentence

If you don't want to study,

| you should stay home, |
but you may regret it.
Why are sentence patterns important?
It gives life and rhythm to a paragraph.

It reduces repetition.

It adds emphasis.

Too many sentences with the same structure

and length is boring or confusing to your
Practice Exercise


Read and analyze each sentence. Encircle

the subjects and underline the predicates.

Draw a line separating the clauses in the

sentence. Identify the structures of the
following sentences.
1. Pauline and Bruno have a big
argument every summer.

2. Pauline loves to go to the beach

and spend her days sunbathing.
3. Bruno, on the other hand, likes
the view that he gets from the log
cabin up in the mountains, and he
enjoys hiking in the forest.

4. Pauline says there is nothing

relaxing about chopping wood,
swatting mosquitoes, and cooking
over a woodstove.
5. Bruno dislikes sitting on the
beach; he always gets a nasty