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HPE OneView 4.0 sales

awareness training
Your infrastructure automation engine built
with software-defined intelligence

August 2017

– Program update – results achieved!

– HPE OneView V4.0
– HPE Global Dashboard V1.3
– HPE Image Streamer V4.0
– Partner Ecosystem
– Free Up Program
– Resources

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Momentum is growing
Every HPE OneView sales drives account stickiness

HPE OneView Growth 700k+ units shipped to date
700,000 Migrated 1,000+ accounts
New customer wins!
Jan 2015 Jan 2016 Jul 2017

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Growing customer adoption and support for HPE OneView

HPE OneView Sales in FY2017 to date Growing partner ecosystem

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“All our HPE x86 data center servers are
now managed with HPE OneView and the
time it saves is re-deployed on better
customer service.”

Peter Cermak, IT systems engineer, Porsche Informatik

So sayeth our customers
From TechValidate survey, Feb 2017

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Target markets
HPE OneView management solution
Target market segments Customer environments
– Primary – Enterprise – Most deployments in Govt. MFG. Financial Services,
HiTech, Telcos & Healthcare
– Secondary – Mid-Market of SMB
– DL customers – G6 -G7/Gen 8/Gen 9
– Tertiary – HPC and Service Providers
– Apollo customers – 2000/4000/6000
– New purchases of Blades should have HPE OneView on
the quotation by default
Primary target markets
– Customers moving toward devOps model that require
– Enterprise customers who are considering a move to emphasis on speed through automation
converged/composable infrastructure
– Customers using Chef, Ansible, Docker, Puppet etc.

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Target customer

Problem Statement Desired Outcomes

Customers facing these issues: Customers looking for vendor and solutions
– Silos of compute, storage and fabric exist that can help them achieve their goals:
– Complexity inhibits speed and drives up costs – The ability to provision infrastructure faster
– Manual tasks and complex processes results in an – A means of updating firmware with minimum
inefficient IT disruption to workloads
– Multiple tools to manage infrastructure across data – Spending less time troubleshooting problems
centers and locations is time consuming and – Infrastructure and cloud management that works
unproductive together
– Deploy infrastructure at cloud-like speed
– Develop more apps, faster

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How to sell HPE OneView Advanced
Best value for customer when sold with HPE BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure or
HPE ProLiant Server
HPE OneView Advanced licenses come with 3-year 24x7 technical phone support & software update warranty

BTO model Factory Installed Options (FIO)

FIO license when

associated with HPE
Smart Buy HPE BladeSystem HPE ProLiant ProLiant DL purchase
Single ($799) 16 FIO licenses when
Single c7000 bundled with 16 DL Gen9
license associated with
license licenses performance
($999) BladeSystem c7000
($749) ($799/License) bundles with single
license FIO license when purchase - $12,784
($799/License) associated with HPE ( = $799/License)
ProLiant BL purchase
Upgrade from iLO Advanced OR Insight Control license: $400

Non-transferrable license sold and applied on a per server basis - good for the life of the server

Note: Licenses ship without media – Download or USB flash drive media kit available if physical copy of software is required. VCEM customer would need
to have purchased Insight Control or iLO Advanced previously to enable remote management OR will need to purchase to enable the remote
management functionality. QuickSpecs via HPE Marketing Document Library

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HPE OneView: Your infrastructure automation engine
Transform HPE ProLiant, Apollo and 3PAR into software-defined infrastructure

Deploy infrastructure at Simplify lifecycle Develop more apps faster

cloud like speed operations
HPE OneView V4.0
What’s new summary – HPE OneView V4.0
Security Firmware
enhancements management

– Scope-Based Access Control (SBAC) – Non-disruptive updates for VC

– 2-Factor authentication interconnect module firmware
– Certificate management – Orchestrated A side, B side
– SNMPv3 and Secure boot

Integrated remote management
– Automated hardware discovery
– Synergy interconnect modules
HPE Synergy Virtual
Software-defined Connect
storage support
– LACP on s-channels/downlinks
– Mixed-speed Master/Satellite ICMs
– Data path configuration load balancing – SmartLink and non-Redundant configs.
– Volume template integration with server – Pause flood protection and Storm control
profiles and templates – Private Network support
– Increase VLAN scale for network sets
– Connections without assigned network
– 16Gb VC-FC ICM port trunking

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Two-factor authentication
Something you have and something you know
– Smartcard support: Common Access Card (CAC)/
Personal Identity Verification (PIV)
– Card stores a PIN and a ID number in a certificate
– ID number is matched with access control system (e.g. AD/LDAP)
– Based on X.509 certificates
– See today’s Onboard Administrator implementation
– User experience similar to HPE Virtual Digital Badge

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Scope-based access control
A more granular approach to access control
Under today’s role-based access control, a user may be Scope-based access control extends today’s
assigned one or more roles. The permissions defined by solution by allowing a Role to be restricted to a subset
the role apply to all resources managed by the appliance of resources managed by the appliance

OV Appliance OV Appliance

ITAdminGroup ITAdminGroup

Compute Compute

Storage Network Storage

ITNetwork Server ITNetwork Admin
Group Admin Group Production
Fabric Fabric
Server scope
User Tom User Tom
− (“Server Administrator”) − (“Server Administrator”, “Production”)
Permission and Permission role Permission and Permission
Permission role scope
WWAS 2017 | HPE & Partner Confidential
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Frictionless firmware update

REST call Auto Stage

HPE Composer Infra Admin HPE Composer Orchestrated Application Admin

Select firmware baseline interconnect firmware update Activate during application/OS
Select “Orchestrated” Update No Application downtime Auto Stage the maintenance window
firmware and drivers on the compute node

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Product NPI and availability

NPI Timeline
– HPE OneView V4.0 and Global Dashboard
– New Product Introduction, Sept 25, 2017

– HPE OneView V4.0 – SW Depot availability end of October / Mid- November 2017

– Global Dashboard V1.3 – SW Depot availability October 2017

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HPE Global Dashboard V1.3
HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.3

– Server OS name support

– Visibility of StoreVirtual volumes
– Email reports to external users
– Improved AD/LDAP integration
– Allow directory users roles to be specified
– New reports
– Remote Support Service Events
– Storage Pool Utilization
– Empty Bays/Enclosures
– Increase scale of supported devices
– 150 HC380 instances
– 25 OneView instances
– Audit Log

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New reports
Storage Pool Utilization

HPE Confidential - For Training Purposes Only 19

Increased scale
Maximum appliances supported
HPE Global Dashboard 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3
HPE OneView 10 20 20 25

HPE HC 380 20 50 75 150

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Composable ecosystem
Enable partner automation with HPE OneView RESTful API
Transforms infrastructure into a single line of code

Reduce time
to stand up
infrastructure from

New-HPOVProfile -name myCloud -template SynergyCloud 50 hours

– Unified API minutes
– DevOps friendly
– Makes bare metal private cloud as simple as the public cloud

* Clutch Cost to Build a Mobile App: A Survey + HPE internal tests.

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HPE Composable ecosystem is making Hybrid IT simple
Transforms infrastructure into a single line of code
– Seamlessly connect hybrid deployments for unified cloud
management with industry leading platforms and
provision services automatically on physical, virtual and
cloud resources alike
– Deploy infrastructure at cloud-like speed rapidly
provision and update compute, storage, and fabric
resources on demand.
– Simplify life cycle operations a single pane of glass
enables unified management of your IT and cloud

Available now Coming soon

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HPE software-defined infrastructure backed by the industry’s
broadest partner ecosystem

DevOps IT Ops
engine engine
Cloud Facilities
engine engine

Unified API

Developer toolkits

Compute Storage Network

Powered by HPE OneView HPE Confidential - For Training Purposes Only 24
HPE OneView integrations for VMware and Microsoft
Integrate directly with VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center
– NEW Support for HPE ProLiant and HPE Synergy Gen10 and HPE OneView 3.10
– Single console access for HPE server, storage and network management
– VMware cluster deployment using HPE Synergy Image Streamer
– HPE fabric visualization of physical and physical infrastructure


Infrastructure faster Lifecycle operations Productivity

Compute Storage Fabric

Template based Non-disruptive Consistent

– Leverages HPE OneView – Comprehensive health – Integrates directly into vCenter
automation engine monitoring and alerting and System Center consoles
– Create or expand a cluster in – Firmware and driver updates – Use familiar partner tools for
just 5 simple steps – HPE fabric visualization HPE management tasks
– Context sensitive launch of
HPE tools directly from partner
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HPE OneView “Free-Up”

What is the offer? How do I engage?

The Free Up Program offers a compelling reason 1. Learn about the Free-Up offer:
to migrate to OneView, and creates a platform for North America program FAQ: Internal
HPE Synergy sales development: Partner
EMEA program FAQ: Internal
– The offer includes complimentary HPE OneView Partner
Advanced license with one year of support. 2. Present the Free-Up offer to your customer
– Requirements: 3. If needed, conduct the Readiness Assessment and
– Servers must by previously licensed with review results with the customer
HPE iLO Advanced, Insight Control and/or
Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
Why should I engage? a) Engage your account assigned presales
resources (HPE or partner)
– Servers must be supported by OneView b) Engage Strategic Solutions Architecture (send
1. It can help you close Synergy quota:
Advanced 3.1
– 39% of Synergy pipeline and 43% of email to or use a SFDC
– Licenses are limited per customer: 500 opportunity request
Won Synergy opportunities are from
(North America), 200 (EMEA) c) Engage HPE Technical Services with OMNI+
customers who have engaged in the
Free-Up program funding
– Promotion ends October 31, 2017 or when
2. It can help you drive standardization 4. Complete the Free-Up Offer Application and submit it by
available licenses are exhausted (first come first
– Free-Up accounts increase sending it in email to your regional PDL (NA, EMEA);
served). Complete applications must be
Infrastructure & Management spend include Readiness Assessment results if applicable
received by October 13, 2017.
by 10-25% post-program participation 5. With application approval, sell partner or HPE delivered
3. It can help you drive new infrastructure sales: remedial, installation, and migration services and training for
– Migration Assessment discovers old HPE OneView
servers ripe for upgrade; refresh
6. Ensure success and attach HPE OneView to all future
offers are available to help close the sales
7. Contact your Category or Business Manager with
OneView questions. Contact Lisa Boyd (WW Free Up
Program Manager) with program questions.

HPE and HPE Partner internal use only HPE Confidential - For Training Purposes Only 26
Marketing Highlights – HPE OneView

Buyers journey

Porsche Story
IDC -Business Value 1st Edition

ISV Integration Guide

HPE IT / Docker Video

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HPE OneView Sales Kit
Your infrastructure automation engine built with software-defined intelligence and a unified API

HPE OneView - your software-defined engine for infrastructure management, automating and streamlining IT processes
across compute, storage and fabric resources. Software-defined intelligence provides template-driven efficiency and a unified
API integrates and automates applications and operations. Designed for the way people work-not how devices are managed -
HPE OneView helps your IT team deploy infrastructure faster, simplify operations, and increase productivity across your entire HPE OneView 4.0 training:
data center. HPE OneView also helps put customers on the fast track to composable infrastructure, a simpler and more – HPE OneView 4.0 sales awareness training (coming
efficient IT infrastructure. soon)
– HPE OneView 4.0 deep dive technical TekTalk training
Learn about HPE OneView Engage with customers Take action (coming soon)

– Internal FAQ – HPE OneView solution – Lead with HPE BladeSystem, HPE Resources
– Fast 5 battle card brochure ProLiant DL, ML, HPE Virtual Connect & – HPE OneView (External)
– HPE OneView Global HPE 3Par StoreServ storage with HPE – HPE OneView Sales Portal
– HPE OneView sales play card
Dashboard solution brief OneView
– HPE OneView Community – HPE OneView Services (External)
– HPE OneView for VMware – Capitalize on the Free Up program benefits
to migrate customers to HPE OneView – HPE OneView Training & Education Services
vCenter data sheet
– HPE OneView 3.0 Preconfigured – HPE Composable Infrastructure sales portal
– HPE OneView for Microsoft – Promote the benefits of partner
Demonstration Appliance
System Center data sheet integrations with both traditional mgt. – HPE Composable Ecosystem sales portal
– HPE OneView quick specs solutions eg.VMware, Microsoft & new
– HPE OneView customer – HP BladeSystem Sales Portal
cloud/mobile Devops tools, eg. Chef,
Docker, Ansible, etc. HP Unison Partner Portals
– HPE OneView demos
– Compete as the leader in infrastructure –
– 7 things you need to know management against Cisco UCS with
about HPE OneView software defined intelligence and unified –
Infographic API –
– Dummies Guide to HPE – Position HPE OneView as the glue that –
OneView NEW enables a composable infrastructure
– IDC Business Value White Contacts: APJ: Elaine Tan
Paper NEW
AMS: Jeff Hunt Laurie Jonas EMEA: Jerome Bathias
James Henry LATAM: Gualberto Huerta Leonardo Soto

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HPE Synergy Image Streamer 4.0
Manage physical servers like virtual machines
The HPE magic behind rapid provisioning
HPE Synergy Composer and Image Streamer
HPE Synergy

Compose Hardware
in Minutes

HPE Synergy
Image Streamer

Deploy Software in

A single interface to precisely compose and recompose resources for each application

HPE Confidential - For Training Purposes Only 30

Unique innovations enable the composable experience
The magic behind HPE Synergy
Server Profile Compute Module

Physical state

HPE Synergy

Deployed software state

HPE Synergy
Image Streamer Physical state and deployed software state Hardware does not need
are maintained separate from the physical compute module to retain any state

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What’s new with HPE Image Streamer 4.0

– MS Windows 2016 introductory deployment support

– MS Windows 2016 HyperV Tech review
– Changing Server Profile OS Deployment Plan
preserves settings common to both plans
– View the OS volume and artifact storage in the UI
– Scope and Scope-Based Access Control (SBAC)
Image Streamer OS deployment plans

HPE Confidential - For Training Purposes Only 32

HudsonAlpha applies latest technology to
high impact research
“We have a finite set of resources and we are trying to provide the most impact to our researchers, our
educators and to the entrepreneurs that are on HudsonAlpha’s campus. We do that with technology.”
— Peyton McNully, chief information officer, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

Challenges HPE Solution Outcome

– HudsonAlpha is one of America’s – HudsonAlpha extended the use of its – Delivers the resources researchers
leading genome research institutes, and existing HPE OneView to using it within need for their life-saving research
its work is highly data-intensive. its HPE Synergy platform. The benefit of
– Enables HudsonAlpha to conduct its
Managing and analyzing that data this is that it is a single API that enables
work with finite resources
requires a robust and versatile platform. the core sets of tools which the
organization uses for public and private – Accelerates IT service delivery
– It fulfilled this need when it implemented
a testing regime for HPE Synergy which cloud provisioning to also be used to – Provides an infrastructure automation
brings compute, network and storage provision new bare metal instances. engine with automated workflows
infrastructures together as a single – Streamlines the provisioning and
platform with integrated management lifecycle management across compute
Services and technology featured
from HPE OneView storage and fabric
– HPE OneView
– Enables resources to be controlled
through a unified API

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– Software release set (Works with HPE OneView 4.0 only)

– HPE GitHub

– Customer led GitHub

– HudsonAlpha video on Image Streamer

– Docker EE on Synergy RA

– Oracle 12c on Synergy RA

– NVIDIA GPUs with Citrix XenDesktop

– Best practices for artifact development Developer guide for artifact management

New on Composable Ecosystem

– RedHat OpenShift artifacts

– IAAS using CHEF & Image Streamer

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