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Intentional and Unintentional

Intentional injuries are injuries resulting from violence . It can be
divided in to two : self-inflicted , when a person harms himself/herself
on purpose and assault , when person/persons harm another purpose .

Suicide and parasuicide are intentional injuries that are self-inflicted ,

while assault has four classifications : (1) those that were commited
within the family ; (2) those that were commited by peers ; (3) those that
were commited by other groups and (4) those that were commited by
the family , peers or other groups . Within family , domestic violence
may happen . Domestic violence happens when one or members of the
family harms or abuses family member . Peers in school or in the
community may commit bullying , stalking and exortion . Other groups
may commit gang and youth violence , illegal fraternity-related violence
, kidnapping and abduction , and different acts of terror . Sexual
victimization and other forms of abuse and harrasment may be
commited by the family , peers or other people . This includes verbal
abuse , incest , molestation or rape
Intentional Injury: The term "intentional" is used to
refer to injuries resulting from purposeful human
action, whether directed at oneself or others.
Intentional injuries include self inflicted and
interpersonal acts of violence intended to cause

Injuries are not accidents – they can be prevented.

Injuries are not random, uncontrollable events, but
rather predictable and preventable incidences with
identifiable causes.

Unintentional injury is one of the main causes of

death and is one of the more common causes
of emergency hospital admissions in children.
Unintentional injuries are also a common cause
for emergency hospital admissions and deaths
among adults. However, total numbers of
unintentional injuries for both deaths and
emergency hospital admissions has been
decreasing over the years The term "unintentional injury" is
preferred to "accidents" as the latter
implies events are inevitable and
unavoidable whereas a high
proportion of these incidents are
now regarded as being
preventable. Unintentional injuries
can occur in any age group, but
children and the elderly are more

are harmful acts that occurred without

In contrast to unintentional
any intention of causing damage to
injuries are intentional injuries , oneself or others. A large proportion of
which are injuries resulting from unintentional injuries occur in or around
purposeful harmful actions upon the home and many of these injuries
occur as a result of falls, like down the
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