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Teknologi Pendidikan

Overhead Projector
Transparency Overhead Projectors
• Transparent projector is a visual tool that can be used in
regular classrooms.
• This projector is a teaching tool in which students will be
taught to see and hear to achieve more effective teaching.
Benefits of Using Overhead Projector

• Can be used with normal room lighting because of its

• Class control (teacher facing the class)
• Teacher always facing the material
• Easy to prepare, attract attention & colourful
• Information can be added directly
• Only basic skills needed
• Wearable silhouette
Benefits of Overhead Projector

• Figures can be deleted or added during a performance

(Pen Non-Permanent)
• Writing/sketching will look clearer/larger
• Illustration can become bigger / smaller according to the
size of the room
• Save time (Can be used repeatedly)
• Transparency is cheap and easily available
Media Playback Device

Electrical energy
Audio Device
Guidelines In Using Transparency Overhead Projector

• 1.5 m screen width for 40 peoples in a room

• The screen is not glossy
• Getting a little light
• Put on 70cm height from floor
• Tilt 45 degrees to avoid the effects of distortion
• Uphold thescreen
Projector Placement
for Typical Classroom