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Heart Disease

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Heart Disease

 Largest cause of death worldwide

 Responsible for more deaths than cancer in the

United States

 Approx 600,000 people died from the majority being

over age 65.

 ***Affects all ages, races, and both sexes.****

 1 death every 39-46 seconds

various kinds of heart disease
1. Coronary Heart Disease

2. Heart Failure Disease

3. Rheumatic Heart Disease

4. Left Heart Disease

5. Heart valve disease

6. Heart Muscle Disease

7. Heart Arrhythmias

8. Congenital Heart Disease

9. Angina Pectoris Disease

10. Heart Disease

Chest Pain Signs/ Symptoms
 Uncomfortable chest pain or pressure
lasting more than a few minutes or goes
away and comes back.

 Pain of discomfort in either arm,

back jaw or stomach

 Shortness of breath with or without


 Other signs such as breaking

out in a cold sweat, nausea, or
Risk Factors

High Blood Pressure




The Pattern Of Healthy Life

Heart Disease- High Blood Pressure

Defined as: “ 140/ 90”

Equal between men and women

Examination Conducted

EKG’s, X-rays, echocardiograms, CT Scan, Blood test

Thank You and God Bless You