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Jin Mao Tower is located on

24,000 m2 plot of land and has
become an architectural icon of
This building includes modern offices, a
deluxe 5-star hotel - the Grand Hyatt
Shanghai, exhibition halls, banquet
halls, an observation deck, and
entertainment facilities which are
situated in the following levels.
• Construction period-:1994-1999
• Architectural style: neo-futurism
• Height: 420.5 m
• Number of stories: 88
• The 88 floors are divided into 16
segments, each of which is 1/8 shorter
than the 16-story base.
• These tiers taper inward from the
exterior corners of the building, forming
setbacks, and the exterior wall
gradually takes on an eight-lobed
pattern near the top of the building.
• The final four tiers, containing
mechanical equipment, step back more
dramatically in a four-sided pyramidical
pattern, from which rises an elaborate
spire structure.
• The tower is built around a central octagonal concrete
surrounded by 8 exterior composite super columns and eight
other steel, including outdoors. Three sets of 8 half-high, two
levels, connecting the columns at the center, in six of the floors,
to provide additional support.

• The foundations rest on piles of high strength steel being 83.5

meters deep to compensate for poor conditions of the upper
layers of soil. At that time these were the longest steel piles used
in the construction of a building.
• The foundation slab of the building is 4 m thick.

The concrete core provides excellent

stiffness, while the structural steel floor
framing allows to use column free spans with
minimal weight.


The wall surrounding

the basement is 1 m
thick, 36 m high and
568 m long, consisting
of 20.500 m³ of
reinforced concrete.

Super columns are comprised of steel and

The central core and composite supercolumns
provide additional support counteracting the
gravity load
The 3-level
basement has a food
court, while the first
two floors include
the Hyatt’s
conference and
banquet facilities.
The first six floors
include a shopping
mall, restaurants,
• The exterior is sheathed in a glass curtain
wall over which is a lattice of metal pipes.
The building is designed to withstand both
earthquakes and the high winds of
• The advanced structural system that has
been used in its construction allows it to
withstand winds up to 200 km / h and
earthquakes up to 7 on the Richter scale.
The needle of the top supports a range of
75 cm and its vertical deviation is only 2
• The shafts are steel joints that act as
bumpers to cushion the lateral forces
imposed by winds and earthquakes, and
pool on the floor 57 acts as a passive
• Steel bars provide structural support for
the glass dome of the entries.
• It has 79 lifts, which goes to the observatory can accommodate
35 people.
• Two direct elevators operate at the speed of 9.1 meters (nearly
30 feet) per second that can send visitors from the ground floor
to the 88th floor for only 45 seconds.
• There are also five to six elevators every 10 floors, which
reduce waiting-time to 35 seconds even during rush hours.

carry on lateral load

Resists torsion