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 White Represents Peace & Purity.

 The Circle In The Middle Represents The Balance of The Universe

Blue Refers To Shade , Water & Land.
Red Means Brightness, fire & Sky

• South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia

• South Korea is a developed country and a high-income economy, with
a "very high" Human Development Index, ranking 18th in the world.
• South Korea is a global leader in the industrial and technological
sectors, being the world's 5th largest exporter and 8th largest
• Capital – Seoul
• Official Language – Korean
• Area – 100,210 Sq Km
• population- 2017 estimate 51,446,201
Religion : 7.6% Unknown
27.6% Christianity
19.7% Protestant
7.9% Catholic
15.5% Korean Buddhism
• President
Moon Jae-in
• Prime Minister
Lee Nak-yeon

• Greeting Customs Are Highly Culture And Situation Specific

• It Can Be Audibly
• It Can Be Physically
• Use Titles Such As “Dr” “Mr” And “Mrs” To Be Demonstrate Respect
• Bow Is The Common Method
• Shaking Hands
• Greetings Are Vocalized When Bowing

• When Shaking Hands, support Your Right Foream With Your Hand.
• Return Bows If You Are Receiving One.
• Say Hello, thank You Along With Bow.
• While Bowing Stand Straight With Knees Closed.
• The Younger Man Should Bow Lower Than The Older Man.
• When You Leave A Social Gathering, say Good-bye And Bow To Each Person

• Do Not Bow Deeper To Someone When You Are Already With Another
Person Who Is That Someone’s Senior.
• Do Not Bow Down To Some one, when You Are On A Staircase.
• Don’t Try To Bow While Moving.
• Koreans Don’t Bow With Their Hands Together In A Prayer Pose Unless
They’re Buddhist Or In A Religious Setting.

 Seven Is Lucky Number.

 Four Is Unlucky Number.
 Shaking Your Legs Will Chase Your Luck Away.

• At first, taste soup or kimchi juice, and then try rice or other dishes. Use spoon for rice and liquid foods,
such as stews or soups; use chopsticks for other foods.
• Do not make noises with spoon or chopsticks hitting the rice bowl or other food containers.
• Do not hold the rice bowl or soup bowl in your hand during the meal.
• Do not poke around the rice or side dishes with the spoon.
• Do not pick out what you don't like or shake off seasonings.
• Do not leave any trace of food on the spoon while eating.
• When coughing or sneezing during a meal, face the other way from table and cover your mouth with your
hand or napkin.
• Do not read a book or newspaper or watch TV while eating.
• Use an individual plate for foods served for a crowd, and also for sauces such as soy & vinegar sauce or
sweet & sour hot pepper soybean paste.

• Baseball Is Very Popular.

• Many Intresting Traditional Korean Games Like “Tae Kwon Do”, which Is One Of The Type Of Martial Arts.
• Kite Flying : many People Fly Kites On Special Holidays.