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Gus tells Richard that all the students are saying that he is unpatriotic, he is a
traitor and he wants Germany to win the war. He warns Richard that everybody
in Turtle Lake will be talking about it and soon, their father will know about it.
After school, Richard walks with Hannah to her house. He and Schermers talk
about the poets they like.Over dinner, Mr. Schermer talk about all kinds of
things about literature,history and art. Hannah and her parents describe the
great cities they have visited and Milwaukee, where Hannah was born, to
Richard.He is impressed and fascinated.

After school, Richard tells Mrs Hansen that he declines
his part as the Daughboy.He wants to support Hannah. After dessert, Richard listens
Besides, he does not want people to think that he is also to Beethoven's music. He
mean to Hannah like the other students. The next day, enjoyed the dinner and the
Mrs Hansen tells the class that Richard does not want to Schermers' company. It is dark
be the Doughboy. She announces that the new Miss when he reaches home.His
Liberty is Millie Wright and Herbie Wycinski is the new father is waiting to talk to
Doughboy.After that, Richard has to endure insults him at the porch.
thrown at him throughout the day.
During lunch break, Hannah invites Richard to her house
for supper. Richard tells to Gus in school to inform their
father and Angie that he will not be home for dinner.
Richard declined his role as Doughboy

R1 : It showed that Richard was a supportive friend

when he turned down the
role because he felt that it was unfair that Hannah did
not get to play the
Lady of Liberty’s role
In January, Richard receives a sad letter from Kilmer, who misses Christmas
at home with his family. Kilmer enjoys Richard’s poem about the oak tree
and laments the distructions of the forests in France. To cheer Kilmer
up,Hannah bakes cookies and her mother knits a scarf for him.

Despite bad news from the front, Mr Higby informs the class about the
glimmers of hope through President Wilson’s initiative- the Peace Plan to
end all wars throught a League of Nations. In spring, the tide of war seems
to favour the Allies.

The school year ends with a picnic at

Pa asks Richard why he turned down the PLOT Turtle Lake for everyone. Richard and
Hannah share a picnic basket and a
part in the school show. Richard explains
that it was unfair of classmates to gang up C8 growing closeness. Hannah tells Richard
against Hannah. Ike Lewis(Abner’s father) about the skyscrapers, elevators and
has accused Richard of sidding with the Chinatown of New York, the gypsy
Schermers, thus supporting the Germans phrenologists, the many migrants, the
in the war. Pa reminds his son Ike’s dazzling array of food and the horse-
kindness and support when he broke his drawn carriages.
leg three years ago then states that the
Schermers ‘are not our people’. Richard Richard carves a heart and their initials R
defends the Schermers. Pa blames and H on the oak tree, but the brief
Richard’s poetry for filling his head romantic moment is broken when
with’foolish ideas’. This makes Richard so someone flings a stone at Hannah’s foot –
sad he want to cry. another reminder of the reality of war and
Pa confronted Richard on why he turned down the role
as a doughboy

R1 : It showed that Richard was a young boy with a rational

Mindset for explaining that it was unfair for the classmates to
gang up against Hannah because she was a German

R2: It showed that Pa was blinded by the society when he

blames Richard’s poetry for filling his head with “foolish