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August 16th, 2018
Stephanie.turco@cobbk12.org http://www.cobblearning.net/turco/

*Math – We will finish our place value unit. We Math: 30 minutes for the entire week of
will be learning the following: recognizing that a multi- Khan Academy on assigned topic.
digit number is 10 times what it represents in the place
to its right. We will also be learning about standard, *Once DreamBox has been set up with the
word, and expanded form, as well as comparing numbers
and rounding. Our 1st test will be Thursday, Aug. 23rd.
new classes, that will also be an option for
Math homework.
* Reading –We will continue our Reading unit on
Love that Dog. We will be learning about characters,
theme, plot, setting, and poetry throughout this unit. *Look over vocabulary words for the week.
* Writing – We will be reviewing how to write We will have a quiz every 2 weeks on the
multiple paragraphs and writing to a prompt. 10 words. **Vocab Quiz on Week 1 and 2
* Science – We will finish our unit on Ecosystems. is TOMORROW!
We will be learning about producers, consumers, and
decomposers and how they interact within the Week 3 & 4 will be on Aug. 31st.
ecosystem. We will also be learning about food chains,
food webs, and environmental factors. Our 1st test will be
on Friday, August 24th.

• We have not yet been given the * Aug. 20th – B – PE

okay to put our grades in. There D – Music
are still some scheduling things * Aug. 21st – B – Art
that have to take place. I will let D – PE
** Picture Day
you know as soon as grades are in * Aug. 22nd – B – Music/PE
ParentVue for you to see. D – PE/Art
• Graded work is going home today. ** Lunch changed to 11-11:30 today only
Please review with your child and * Aug. 23rd – No Specials
sign the grade sheet attached. * Aug. 24th – B- PE
Please return all work! D – Music