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-Rantau Panjang : a town in Kelantan, Malaysia

-Border town between Malaysia-Thailand
-A popular tourist destination for its tax free zone

Source : heritagemalaysia
Education Problem
• There are four schools near Rantau Panjang :
• SJKC Khay Boon
• SMK Rantau Panjang (450 m)
• SK Sri Rantau Panjang (300m)
• SK Rantau Panjang (2.7 km)
• SK Lubok Setol (1.7 km)
Education Problem
• By interview: only one tuition centre available and
it is quite far from Rantau Panjang
• This area is still only focusing on tourism rather
than education
Education Problem
• List of tuition centre from nearest location to
Rantau Panjang:
• An Nur Tuition Centre : 37,9 km (53 mins)
• Al Amin Tuition Centre : 39,3 km (56 mins)
• Pasti Gemilang : 36,5 km (48 mins)
Community Impacts
• Increasing knowledge for people in Rantau Panjang
• Giving opportunities to get better education
especially students form 1-5
• Easy access for parents sending their children to
tuition centre