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 A scissor lift with trolley is a device used for lifting
purposes, its objective is to make the table adjustable
to desired height.
This can be achieved through hydraulic, pneumatic,
mechanical or simply muscular means.
It may require no power to return to its original
position, but simply a release of the original
 To reduce man power in height lifting.
• In this project of the fabricated model of PNEUMATIC LIFTING TABLE
will describe the working principles as well as hydraulic machines
application and its advantages.
• Efforts have been taken to show the path of hydraulic fluid as it is applied
and released. The system pressure can be generated in the form of any
physical action which result a compression over the pneumatic pressure
which is developed in the form of air compressing externally can be applied
to activate system.
• There is a constant relation between pressure density, and volume,
According to Bernoulli’s equation. Lift tables are used to raise and position
work pieces for ergonomic access.
• They are used for material positioning, load positioning, or lifting. This
lifting has a pneumatic power source and is safe for heavy paint
applications and other hazardous locations.
• This lift comes with alternative power sources.
A Review on Pneumatic lifting machine
Mr. Rakesh S. Ambade1, Mr. Roushan Prabhakar2,
Mr. Rupesh S. Tayade3 Asst. Prof., Department of Mechanical Engineering,
J. D. I. E. T., Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India 1
• The apparatus consists of crank and pin arrangement bearing variable loads and
supporting stand.
• The arrangement of pulley in such a way that diameter of upper pulley is large as
compared to the bottom pulley and these two pulleys are aligned in a vertical
• Variable loads are mounted on the belt as shown in the above figure and this belt
is mounted on two variable pulleys by using nut and bolt.
• For the generation of electricity the Mini DC generator is used which is
connected to the flywheel through pinion and this flywheel is attached to the
bottom pulley.
• The flywheel is used in this arrangement for the load balance purpose.
Review on lifting machine using air compressor
Prathamesh Natu, Sameer Nadkar and Abhishek Badgujar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, KGCE, Mumbai University, Karjat, INDIA

• In this project we have used Spur Gears for reduction of input speed, a chain for
suspension of weight around a bicycle sprocket.
• The sprocket and larger spur gear are mounted on a shaft which can rotate freely
between the bearings.
• Smaller spur gear is coupled with an AC Synchronous Motor which provides input
to an electrical circuit.
• The circuit consists of a rectifier, capacitor and LEDs. When the weight is
suspended from a chain across the sprocket, the shaft rotates.
• Thus the larger spur gear rotates at speed of shaft and in turn rotates the smaller
• This acts as an input to AC synchronous motor. Rectifier converts Alternating
current into Direct current and LEDs glow

 Air Compressor
 Mild steel plate
 Pressure guage
 Piston
 Thread rod
 Foam board
 Actuator Size
 Compressor
 Temperature
 pressure transvers
 Accumulator
 Junction Box

• Pneumatic actuators are the devices used for

converting pressure energy of compressed air
into the mechanical energy to perform useful
work. In other words, Actuators are used to
perform the task of exerting the required force
at the end of the stroke or used to create
displacement by the movement of the piston.
The pressurised air from the compressor is
supplied to reservoir. The pressurised air from
storage is supplied to pneumatic actuator to do
• The air cylinder is a simple and efficient device for
providing linear thrust or straight line motions
with a rapid speed of response. Friction losses are
low, seldom exceeds 5 % with a cylinder in good
condition, and cylinders are particularly suitable
for single purpose applications and /or where
rapid movement is required.
• They are also suitable for use under conditions
which preclude the employment of hydraulic
cylinders that is at high ambient temperature of
up to 200 to 250
• Their chief limitation is that the elastic nature
of the compressed air makes them unsuitable
for powering movement where absolutely
steady forces or motions are required applied
against a fluctuating load, or where extreme
accuracy of feed is necessary. The air cylinder
is also inherently
• limited in thrust output by the relatively low
supply pressure so that production of high
output forces can only be achieved by a large
size of the cylinders.
• This project is developed for the users to lift any weight using air
pressure. High pressure air is stored in a tank. A cylinder with piston
arrangement is connected with a zig-zag pattern. Two pipes connected
with ball valves connect the air tank with the cylinder. When one valve
is opened, the air rushes out into the cylinder. Therefore the piston
moves in one direction. The rod connected with the piston pushes the
zig-zag flame so that the lift moves up. When the other ball valve is
opened, the air inside the cylinder is released. Therefore the lift comes
down. The main objective of Zig-Zag Pneumatic Lift project is
developing a lift system for lifting any weight using air pressure.
• In this project, we stored high pressure air in a tank. A zig-zag pattern
is connected with a cylinder with piston arrangement.
• The cylinder and the air tank are connected by the two pipes with ball
valves. When one ball valve is opened, the high pressure air will enter
into the cylinder. Hence, the piston will move in one direction. The rod
connected with the piston pushes the zig -zag frame so that the lift
moves up. When we open the other ball valve, the air inside the
cylinder is released.
• So, the lift comes down.
 Lift tables are used to raise and position work pieces for
ergonomic access. They are used for material positioning, load
positioning, or lifting.
 This lifting has a pneumatic power source and is safe for heavy
paint applications and other hazardous locations. This lift comes
with alternative power sources.
 A hydraulic fluid power system is defined as a means of power
transmission in which relatively in compressible fluid is used as
the power transmitting media.
 The primary purpose of pneumatic system is the transfer of
energy from one location to another location and this energy
into useful work.
• Lift High load at less effort
• Its Compact in size
• It can wirelessly controllable
• Highly efficient

• Pneumatic cylinders can be used to get linear,

rotary and oscillatory motion. There are three
types of pneumatic actuator: they are
i) Linear Actuator or Pneumatic cylinders
ii) Rotary Actuator or Air motors
iii) Limited angle Actuators

 Skilled Operator Needed.

 Lift raises too slowly with load.
 Motor heated after excessive use.
1. The variety of application and industries ranging from
plumbing, electrical, automotive, heavy construction,
HVAC, fire sprinklers and telecom and food
2. Single-end and double-end threaded rod are otfen bend
to make specialized fasteners such as anchor bolts and u-
3. A common type of threaded rod is all thread or fully-
thread rod, where the thread extends complete length
there rod.
4. The threaded rod, also referred to as a headless fastener,
can be used with standard nuts and washers and may be
used in standard stock length or cut to the length
• By doing this project we gained the
knowledge of working of pneumatic system
and how automation can be effectively done
with the help of pneumatic system.
• It is concluded that any automation system
can be done with the help of electro
pneumatic system. We have successfully
completed the project work at our Institute.
• By doing this project work, we understood the
working principle and uses of various valves,
switches, relays etc.