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Tan Zhi Ching

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Appropriate use of Introducing the Presenting the
presentation aids topic content

Making Inviting
conclusion participation
Appropriate use if presentation aids

• Whilst the words you use and the way that you say them are of
central importance, you can gain attention and engage the interest of
your audience by using various other devices.

• There are also additional benefits, including giving you confidence

and addressing different learning styles of your audience.
Example of presentation aids

Objects Photographs Diagrams

Graph Charts
Introducing the topic
• The beginning of your public speech is the most important part and if
you don’t hit the nail on the head then you lose your audience
Shock and

Utilize Open with

Familiarity a story

Ask a
Lets watch how Barack Obama talks
Presenting the content
Silence it Wait until everyone is quiet, then continue without comment.

Eyeball them eye contact with people

Stand by them move around the room, standing close to the audience

Ask for input “Do we need a break now? ” when you see someone lost their attention

Talk offline Don embarrassing anyone in front of others

Address them getting toward the most direct approaches.

Making conclusion
Conclusions should reinforce the message and give the speech unity and

• Summarize the main points of your speech.
• Restate your purpose or thesis.
• Create closure, a sense of finality.
• In persuasive speeches, make a final call for commitment or action.
Making conclusion
• Open new areas of discussion or argument.
• Change position or viewpoint.
• Resort to feeble closing phrases like “and that's all I have to say.”
• Say “thank you” just because the audience doesn't seem to realize
that your speech is over.
Inviting participants
• Before asking for audience participation, think about the types of
responses you might get. You want audience input to be meaningful
and to help you make your point.

• Be clear about your purpose and consider how audience participation

will help build your case. Most importantly, think about what you’ll
say if you don’t get the responses you expect. Audience participation
should add value.