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Sigma Institute of Engineering &

Project Presentation

Generation of electrical power at rural

area using pet animals

• Introduction
• Objectives
• Literature review
• Plan of work
• Progress and future scope
• References
• Now a day, electricity is basic requirement of
human being. Electrical power is used in
agriculture purpose, commercial purpose,
industrial purpose also in routine daily life at
our home for various appliance.
• So, we use as more as power generating plant
in our daily life. This all requirement is fulfilled
by thermal power station, hydro power station,
nuclear power station, wind power station, etc.
• In our country most of area is supplied power
from power station. But rural area where
electricity is not supplied because
unavailability of electricity due to long
distance, hilly areas where transmission is
• So, in irrigation also need electricity. But, due
to unavailability of electricity, farmer has
many problems.
• Then, we think about how to generate
electricity in rural area and hilly area in low
cost and easiest way.
• We think, basically farmer use bull for
agriculture purpose in that area. But bull is
not working during whole day or all day.
• Also, the working capacity of bull is 6 to 7
hours per day. So, we decide, generate
electricity energy when the bull is not working
in farm.
• Our project is based on the above purpose.
• Our project is simply following the principle of
energy conversation rule according to theory
of relativity (animal power converted into
mechanical energy by gearbox and mechanical
energy into electrical energy by electrical DC
Electrical Rechargeable
Cattle Power (i/p Step up Gearbox Water Pump
Shaft Generator Battery
low) (high power) and Lighting
(12V,0.8A) (12V,95A)
Literature review
• According to economics time Baba Ramdev’s
company Patanjali is now looking forward to
generate electricity by using bull power.
• Primary stakeholder of Patanjali, Acharya
Balkrishna clarified the move is aimed at
aiding the poor who cannot afford solar or
other source. Research on this project is
recently running in Patanjali.
Plan of Work


Finalized Title

Get information,
visit some place
Visit some workshop

Study on some
research paper and
ready 30% project
• We finalized the title in first two week in the
• We visit many of the villages where electricity
is not available for irrigation.
• We ready the block diagram of our project
which is work on principle of energy
• Searching the detail of project, study about
the components.
Progress and Future scope
Progress :-
• we have drawn the block diagram for our tittle.
• And we got details about various component
used in this project like generator, gearbox,
battery, waterpump, etc.
• Then we studied about this component and
selected the suitable component with it suitable
rating which for our model.
1. Generator :-
• In this project we used permanent magnet DC
generator which work on the principle same
as the PMDC motor.
• Here we use 12V, 0.8 Amp rating generator.
2. Gear Assembly :-
• Here we use step-up or increaser type gearbox
for increment in speed of generator because
the speed of bull in angular motion is slow.
• We use six gears in our project and they all
are connected with linking mechanism. linking
mechanism is connected with pedox set.
• Pedox set is containing a ball bearings.
• First gear is connected with main rod and this
gear containing 127 teeths.
• There is channel of gear is 127 teeth to 40
teeth gear. It is connected to 127 teeths and
50 teeths. Further it is connected to 110 teeth
and 25 teeths gear.
• Gear increaser ratio is 1:3 in our project and
we given 2-5 rpm input and get output 8 rpm.
• The gearbox is a mechanical method of
transferring energy from one device to
another device and is used to increase torque
while speed is lower.
• Speed increaser will designed for transmitting
and converting low speed high torque to high
speed low torque
3. Chassis :-
• For carry the generator and gearbox assembly,
the chassis is used which is made from mild
steel material.

• Angle - 1.25inches
• Height of Chassis - 17 inches
• Upper four Supports - 22*22 inches
• Lower three supports - 22 inches
• Main Supports – 21.5 inches
• Support Frame – 7*10 inches

• Pedox sets – Nos. 6

• Pedox (OD/ID) – 20mm
• Main Shaft – 15inches
• Gear assembly – 127>40>127>50>110>25
• Dynamo supports – 6*3mm
4. Rechargeable Battery :-
• Here we used rechargeable battery to store the
electrical power generated by generator.
• The 12V, 95A battery is suitable for this model.
5. AC water pump :-
• Here we use AC water pump as a load, which
is supplied by battery.
6. Inverter Circuit(using ic 4017) :-
• Inverter circuit is used as a convertor for AC
load like a fan, tubelight, etc.
• Using IC4017 we can easily convert 12v DC to
230V AC.
• There are less no. of components used in it.
• IC 4017
• j- k flipflop
• Transformer
• Components of circuit
• IC 555(timer clock oscillator)
• MOSFET(n-p-n type IRFZ44N)
• Power IC(7805)
• Filter capacitors
• Free wheeling diode
• Toggle switch
• Frequency port
• Mathematical data approximation
• Max. battery power = 150rpm
• If 8 rpm speed constant than 12V,95A battery
will be charge in 4.5-5 hrs.
• We connect DC load then current is 2.5-3 Amp
if we connect AC load then current is 1 Amp.
• For both type of load time taken is 5 hrs.
Future scope :-
• In this project we can use PLC for constant
output voltage.
• We also use solar plate for more output.
• There is also use more no. of animals.