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Changing Of The Times


Bachelors Applied Arts - Film Production
EDENZ College, Auckland Campus
Date: May 2018
Jessica Sullivan ID: 614256
Casablanca (1942)

Frame: Mid wide

Character action : giving newspaper to someone not in frame.
Paris – soir = French newspaper
Paris Ville Ouverte = Paris declears Open City.

Frame: Two shot, mid wide

Ugarte (Peter Lorre) about to be arrested for selling exit visas , Ugarte asking Rick (Humphrey Bogart) to help
him, rick doe not help him, even after Rick brought exit visas from Ugarte.
Casablanca 1942

Frame: Two shot, Cam tracking

Rick and Police Captain Louis Renault (Claude Rains)
Casablanca 1942

Frame: MCU, two shot

Departure Scene, plane in background
After arriving at airport accompanied by Police Captain Louis Renault
Ilsa hoped Rick will come with her, Rick insist she should leave on plane with Victor, if she she stays, she will regret it -
ending up in german con camp.
She crys Rick: Now now. (Rick lifts her chin up). Rick: Here's looking at you, kid.
Casablanca (1942)

Frame: (left) OTS, (right) two shot mid

image left.Sam (Dooley Wilson) . right image, Rick and llsa
Ilsa: Play it again Sam, for old time sake .. Sam plays, sings “As time goes by”
Frame: (right) two shot mid. Dream scene Rick and Ilsa
Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) shes remembering good times with Rick, their song. “As time goes by” sung by Frank Sinatra
Wonder Woman (2017)

part Greek mythology story

Frame: MWCU
Young Diana (8) (Lilly Aspell) and her older sister queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) enter inner chamber
(photo right) where a sword is kept. The queen tells Diana the sword is for the chosen one who has the
power to rule.
Wonder Woman 2017

Frame: (1) MedWide. (2) MCU

Discovers her god like powers.
During sword training scene to become a warrior young Diana princess of the amazons (Gal Gadot) after being
disarmed by (trainer/mentor?) Antiope (Robin Wright) then is telling Diana never let her guard down trainer using
her sword hitting diane, diane accidentally released powers (released in anger) that she didn't know, which the force
throws Antiope (left photo) Latter Diana finds out she is a goddess.
Wonder Woman 2017

Frame: Two shot, MCU

First contact from outside world
Diane sees plane crashing into sea, dives in water, rescues a man, American WW2 pilot Steve Trevor (Chris
Pine) She then discovers people from outside world.
Wonder Woman, 2017

Frame: Camera tracking, Mid shots

No Man's Land scene Rise of the Warrior, after arriving in the trenches they find village people there, with no food,
given the challenge, she changes to wonder woman, climbs up the ladder, to cross No mans land (battlefield )
The name: No Man's Land means, no soldier unable to cross the battlefield alive.
Wonder Woman (2017)

Frame: CU. (2) Two shot wide

Final Battle.
Diane battles against antagonis Ares “god of war” - her Brother..
uses his power to trap her, she is near death , she sees the plane flying away whispers steves name (twice) steve
hears her. Steve must do what any pilot would do.. kills himself - plane blows up.. Daina sees plane exploples .. In
anger summons her strength and powers Battle with German soldiers.
In this scene (image left) she flys up, (image right) - fires Lighting through Ares body, he dies.
Resident Evil (2002 - 2016) Film Series Live Action

Frame: (1) two shot Mid Wide. (2) Closeup .. Images taken from The Final Chapter (2016)
Based on a video game of same name Film series (live action), six total made
little Alicia (Ever Anderson) who has premature ageing disease and father Science Professor James Marcus (Mark
Simpson) the T Virus was cure for premature ageing when Alicia turned 25, she will have body of 80 year old, it
worked for short time, Then an accident happen T Virus escaped, changed from liquid to airborne
Resident Evil
Film Series

Main Keys in all six
Alice (Milla Jovovich) protagonist
Wesker (Shawn Roberts) Main antagonist, who is like Alice..
Both created by Dr. Isaacs
Resident Evil
Film Series

Frame: Close Up
Herald - Good v Evil Queens
White queen (Madeline Carroll) Who helps our heroine
Red Queen 2016 (Ever Anderson) Basicly quote You're all going to die down here” Ever Anderson also plays
Young Alicia. Ever Anderson is real life daughter of Director/writer Paul W S Anderson.
Red Queen 2002 Michaela Dicker was the original red queen in the first film (2002)
Resident Evil (2016)

Frame: (1) two shot OS (2) OS. (3) CU

Alice finds out shes a clone!! And was a zombie?! In the final film
Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen)
Red queen was created based from little Alicia, Alice also meets Alicia Marcus (Milla Jovovich) bottom image
Alice was created from Alicia Marcus DNA and Alice's memories was uploaded from and dying woman
Resident Evil (2016) Film Series

Frame: CU
The Final Chapter [Antivirus Sacrifice] The Final
She too must also die
Zombies rushing towards her, she drops the Antivirus which kills all zombies.. And her. .. The End
The End

Resident Evil - Infection (2002)

Resident Evil - Apocalypse (2004)
Resident Evil - Extinction (2007)
Resident Evil - Afterlife (2010)
Resident Evil - Retribution (2012)
Resident Evil - The Final Chapter (2016)

I have seen all five

Movies I have not seen
RE The Final Chapter, Wonder woman and Casablanca.
Wonder woman 2, Filming in summer 2019

Kill bill 3, maybe in the works, ten year planning