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Proposed MCA Centenary 20* 20- Super


Sponsorship package
MCA Mission

• Development of cricket in Sri Lanka and producing

players of class.
• To be the backbone of Sri Lankan cricket by
providing employment opportunities for cricketers
from all parts of the island.
• To improve the spectator interest to draw bigger crowds
for the betterment of the Players, Cricket, the
Tournament and importantly the Sponsors.
The Club

• Facilities for members

– Indoor nets
– Cricket Academy
– Star class boardroom
– Air conditioned restaurant
– Cricket arcade
– Modernized bar
– Karaoke Lounge
– Billiard Room
Our History and What we do

• Premier cricketing body, exclusively for the mercantile sector.

• Commenced in 10th June 1911, between Cumberbatch SC and

Lipton's CC, where the former emerged winners.

• Started with 10 teams and currently grown to 450 (155


• 11 High profile tournaments which includes premier “A”


• Six a side tournaments i.e

- Open sixes,
- Over 40’s
MCA’s Plan to popularize the game

“Objective – to increase spectator participation and interest’

Promotions – Jointly with sponsors.
• Creating a value to the tournament by branding the sponsors name.
Mercantile Super T20 tournament)
• Increased media blitz
• Bombard information of tournaments through all forms of advertising
• Placing of banners and hoardings in selected strategic locations.
• Lead up events and spectator events (Live) at venues
• Round up promotions through all forms of media.
MCA’s Plan to popularize the game

• Promotion of individual players and team profiles.

• Create interest within the participating mercantile firms.

a. Competitions and selection of winners with suitable rewards –

crowd participating / Papers with extra activities.
b. Special promotions to create a carnival atmosphere –

• Using the MCA newsletter and the website to carry out detailed promotions.

• Include the participation of key cricketing and related personalities

Proposed Tournament Improvements

• Colored Clothing

• TV, Radio & Press coverage

• Innovative sponsorship
packages. E.g.Players,
Payers’ Profiles, Special
Tournament Improvements
Wide media coverage through all mediums
Tournament Improvements
Player and team highlights
Tournament Improvements
Innovative advertising mediums
Tournament Improvements
TV, Radio and spot coverage
Tournament Improvements
Day and night matches
Promotion Mediums
Branding, trophies and team promotions
Promotion Mediums
Main Sponsorship Tiers
Main Sponsorship Tiers

• Title Sponsorship
• Product Sponsorship
• Signage Sponsorship
• Boundary Line Branding
• Branding of Score Counter &
Player Profile.
Main Sponsorship Tiers
Additional benefits to title sponsors through players/teams
Main Sponsorship Tiers
Hording and advertising on selected mediums
Promotion Mediums
Title Sponsorship Benefits
•The right to use tournament logo with “Title Sponsor” tag.
•A-boards (20x 3 feet) at all venues.
•Display of Sponsors mats behind the wicket keeper at each
end of the grounds.
•The right to brand stumps at all matches.
•Branding at media conferences.
•Commercial of Title Sponsor during Live coverage's
•Branding of backdrop of on all awards presentation
ceremonies *
•Right to use live footage for promotional purposes
Title Sponsorship Benefits…cont

• Title Sponsor logo branding in news paper mast-heads

• Use of official Status in communication, packaging. promotions &

contests during the period of sponsorship.

• Title Sponsors Logo/Lettering on front of shirt & one sleeve of all

players participating in the Tournament.

• The Title sponsor shall provide awards/ prizes to champions-Runners

up and individual performances.
TV Schedule

• Live telecast of selected Matches.

• Airing Commercials of Sponsor

• Player Interviews and spots.

• Sponsor Interviews.
Radio Coverage

• The tournament will be publicized prior to


• Daily trailers with brand mention.

• Daily live updates with brand mentions.

• Daily 30 second sponsor commercials.

• Leading and Weekly spot coverage's.

Boundary Line Signage

• The Sponsor will be entitled to brand the boundary

rope at all venues using material, which would not
injure any player or disrupt play. The material to be
used must be in accordance with the laid down
• It is pertinent to note that no competitors branding in
conflict of the Title Sponsors or Secondary Product
Sponsor will be accepted for the Boundary Line
• All branding material must be supplied by the
Cheer Leaders, Band & Cards
• The Special 06 girl squad of cheerleaders &
Papare Bands in branded costumes
• Specially created, customized and branded
cheering cards in 4, 6 & Wicket variations
• Personnel & costume costs included.
• Exclusive use for one brand at the semi
finals and finals.
• Cards for 5,000 capacity audience.
TV Action Replays
TV Player Profile

• Career records of Batsman &

Bowlers. Branding according to
International specifications.
Sponsorship offer
• Platinum Sponsor ( Exclusive Sponsorship) -
The sponsorship fee on Platinum basis
2011 – “Centenary Year” will be Rs.4,000,000.00
• Gold Sponsor ( Minimum sponsorship 50% of
total ) –
The sponsorship fee on Gold basis
2011 – “Centenary Year” will be Rs.2,000,000.00
• Silver Sponsor ( Minimum sponsorship 25% of
total ) –
The sponsorship fee on Silver basis
2011 – “Centenary Year” will be Rs.1,000,000.00
Sponsor Obligations

• Banners for venues.

• Challenge Trophies and Special Award Trophies, engraved with the
Sponsor’s Logo.
• Nomination of Chief Guests for the opening and closing ceremonies of the
• Stumps painted with sponsors Logo and will be given away to the
players after the final.
• The perimeter signage advertising boards, Banners, Coloured
Clothing, labeling of Logo’s on clothing, stumps, Adverting on Drink
Trolleys will be at the cost of the Sponsor.
Thank you