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Introducing the New

Spectra Precision Laser GL700 Series

Next Generation in Grade Laser
Spectra Precision Laser GL700
Not just another laser transmitter...
 Highly accurate

 Advanced innovative features

 Wireless radio remote control

 Affordable

 Designed for a range of Machine

Control and General Construction

 Significantly improves productivity -

allowing you to get the job done

faster … putting more on your
bottom line
Target Markets
 Airport Construction
 Trenching
 Road Construction
 Concrete Construction
 General Construction
 Site Preparation
 Landfill
 Agricultural Land Leveling Drainage
3 Powerful Models
 GL710 - Single Slope

 GL720 - Dual Slope

 GL722 - Dual Slope with radio

GL710 - Single Slope
 Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use one-
person grade laser
 Accurate up to 900 m (3,000 ft)
 Ideal for
 general construction
 site preparation
 trenching
 pipe-laying applications
GL720 - Dual Slope
 Economical choice
 Dual slope
 +/-10% in the X axis grade range
 -0.5 to +25% Y axis grade range
 High accuracy up to 900 m
(3,000 ft) diameter
 Ideal for
 general construction
 machine control grading
 Agricultural Land Leveling
GL722 - Dual Grade
 With long-range Radio Remote
 Remotely control all laser functions plus more
 Dual slope
 +/-10% in the X axis grade range
 -0.5 to +25% Y axis grade range
 Automatic alignment capabilities
 Ideal for
 General construction
 Site preparation
 Road construction
 Agriculture land leveling
 Airport Runway construction
Key Features
 Easy to learn - simple to use
 Superior accuracy
 Long range laser
 Innovative features for productivity
 Radio remote control
 Automatic axis alignment
 Grade matching
 Grade reverse
 PlaneLok
 Wide self leveling range
 Range of battery options
 Field calibration with remote or at laser
Intuitive Simple Controls
 Easy to learn - simple to use
 Buttons
 Separate grade up/down for each axis
 Left/Right manual rake
 Electronically simulates rotating

the laser on its base for easier

hub matching
 Dual slope versions - 2 Grade
 Provide information for each axis
 Orientation information easy to understand
 Display clearly visible from the
ground when on tall tripods
Superior Accuracy
 Specified as 4.6 arc second transmitter
 4.6 arc seconds = 1/32" per 100' or 0.5mm per 30m

 Unique temperature-compensation
 Superior anti-drift protection
 Accurate and Stable - regardless of temperature

 Unmatched beam stability

 Protective lens hood

 Ensures accurate laser performance in bad weather
Wide Self Leveling Range
 All units self level over entire Grade
 ±10% grade in the x axis
 -0.500–25% grade in the y axis

 Eliminates need to rough level the

Powerful Wireless Remote

 Quick and simple setups

 Remotely control transmitter, ideal for:
 View and change grade anywhere on site (within 750ft)
 Automatic Axis Alignments
 Instant grade reverse
 Matching Hubs
 Long range radius > 750 ft
 Remote and transmitter are matched
 Multiple lasers able to work in same area without
 2.4 GHz encrypted frequency hopping spread
spectrum Minimal interference
Automatic Axis Alignment
 Simple one person
 Allows for the alignment
of either side of any
grade axis to the desired
remote point
 Remote control unit
provides confirmation of
 Simplifies setup and
ensures repeatable
Grade Match Mode
 Quickly match a slope
 Allows setup up of the
receiver at the same
height as the transmitter
 Very easy
 Simply go to the remote
point … Press a button on
the wireless remote …
Transmitter automatically
matches and displays the
grade …
 No need to return to the
 Lock beam to a fixed
elevation and eliminate
 For applications
requiring maximum
stability and accuracy
 Laser beam will remain at
the exact elevation
regardless of wind or
temperature changes
 Result is less rework and
better machine control
Flexible Battery Options
 6 D cell NiCad rechargeable batteries
 Allows you to work for several days
 6 D cell NiMh rechargeable batteries
 Ideal for extended work periods
 6 D cell Alkaline backup batteries
 Just in case you forget to recharge
 External 12Vdc operation for long term
applications like mining or land leveling
 External power cable standard
 Battery status indicator on GL700 Series Lasers
 Know how much longer you can work
GL700 Series
 Advanced, innovative transmitter with unique features
 Versatile - used for a wide range of applications
 Easy to use
 Improves productivity
 Supported by Trimble’s worldwide distribution,
service and support
 Aggressively priced with everything you need
 Allows you to win more bids and make more money

GL700 … Not just another laser transmitter