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Process Based Lesson Planning

Process Based Teaching & Learning

To facilitate self learning through

activities and experimentation which lead
to the discovery of concepts and rules.
 Learner centric
 Prefers how children learn to what information
they should be given
 Teaching gives promotion of interaction through
task and activities
 Its ends with the product of language use by
proficiency or skill development
 The role of teacher is to observe, to guide and
 To conduct and facilitate , teacher needs certain
Micro – teaching

Micro teaching is a scale – down sample of

teaching. It is a technique aiming to prepare
teacher candidates to the real classroom setting.
This term can also define as a Teaching technique
especially used in teacher’s pre-service education
to train them systematically by allowing them to
experiment main teacher’s behavior.

1. Micro Element
2. Teaching Skills & Teaching Strategies
3. The Feedback Element
4. Safe Practice Ground
5. The Teaching Models
Five skills…
1. Skill of integrating knowledge and
2. Skill of facilitating child centric learning
3. Skill of encouraging learners to enquire
4. Skill of developing observation in
5. Skill of integrating performing art with
the learning situation
Skill of integrating knowledge & experience

 Striking inter-subject integration with the

help of learners
 Allow learners to integrate & elicit
Help learners to integrate knowledge &
experience through examples
Skill of facilitating child centric learning

 Ensure active participation of every learners

 Encourage expression of opinions on specific
learning outcomes
 Encourage various interaction
 Help of decision making
Skill of encouraging learners to enquire

 Allow learners to question

 Allow flexibility in question
 Ensure appropriateness when questioning
 Ensure relevance in questioning
Skill of developing observation in learners

 Expose learners to observable situation

 Allow learners to review and reflect on
the observed situation
 allow learners to relate effect to cause
 allow learners to apply their
observation and thinking on similar
Skill of integrating performing art with
the learning situation

 Encourage active participation in the

 Encourage creativity through performance
 Encourage dramatization of lessons
learning situation
 Encourage application of the learning
situations to real life situation
Lesson plan Format

Skill – Integrating Knowledge & experience

Name of the Institution : Subject : English

Class : Topic :
Name of teacher-trainee :
Roll No :
No. of the Students :
Time :
Date : Today’s Lesson :
Broad objectives :

1. Enable learners to understand simple

2. Enable learners speak in response
3. Enable learners to read & comprehend
for communication
4. Enable learners to write in plain &
simple English about their thoughts
Lesson/Activity-specific Objectives

1. After going through the activity learners

will be able to transfer information from
given text materials.
2. They will be able to use the language
items in similar situation.
3. Appreciate the character.
4. Able to describe what an autobiography
Teaching aids

1. Text books
2. Chart
3. Model
4. Chalk & duster
Ration Students’ Rationale Ti Answer/ex
Input Teacher’s ale role (মমল ননতত) m pected
role (মমল e product

•Teach •Teacher •To •Students • This is 5 Good

er’s enters warm greet their the way m morning/
greeti the class up the teacher in to behave in good
ng & and
welco greets class a chorus. in a social u afternoo
ming every • to • listen to situation t n/ how
words body create the • To use e are you/ I
•Teach •Points situati teacher & the s am fine
er’s to the on for read the opportuni thank
questi question using chart & ty to use you etc.
on on a
chart and langu answer the English
asks from age question
Announcement of the day’s lesson :
Teacher tells the class the answer and announces
that they are going to read ………………..today
written/composed by….. And request the class to
open page ….. Of their book.
Input Teacher’ Ratio Students Ration Time Answer/
s role nale ’ role ale expected