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` Tutor Name: Mr. Ematchandirane Vasu
` Topic:   


` ànstitute: London School Of Accountancy & Management

` Mr.Ankitkumar J Shukla:- ST0008344
` Miss. Ajurenmisan Lori:- ST0007132
` Md.Sahab Uddin Prodhania:- ST0009036



` Asda is the second largest Supermarket chain in the UK ʹ and is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart ʹ
the worlds largest retailer;

` Founded in 1949 as Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Limited;

` 346 Supermarket stores in the UK with a further 180 Netto on acquisition in May 2010;

` 17.5% Market Share with over 150000 employees;

` 3.5 billion spend annually from its customers;


` Austomers want ͞transparency͟ around the operations of the business ʹ based on extensive
customer research ʹ ͞customer will trust the Supermarkets less in the long term͟;

` Asda have launched a new strategy which engages customers to the overall strategy and
mission of the business ʹ to enhance customer loyalty & trust within the business;

` This is achieved by ʹ ͞empowerment of customers to help make key business decisions͟ ʹ for
example ʹ customer can see the process of the operation and can ͞trust͟ Asda in making a
decision which will benefit the customer ʹ for example quality of products, source of
products where the products are manufactured & that human rights are protected;

` Enabling behind the scenes access to their customers (operations) ʹ factory visits for

` Represents a new open door policy where anyone can get involved and customers are
consulted in every aspect of the business






` Enabling behind the scenes access to their customers (operations) ʹ factory visits for

` Represents a new open door policy where anyone can get involved and customers are
consulted in every aspect of the business



` Austomer Relationship management systems are software applications which specialises in

providing information concerning an organisations products, services and customers for
example Web 2.0;

` Using channels such as ͞Online shopping at Asda͟ ʹ providing the customer with a unique
shopping experience that is tailored to their needs and providing the transparency of all
products within the store with ethical guides and fair trade products;



` The transparency strategy in use in this case could be when a customer rings the store and
has a query or complaint ʹ during the whole process the customer is informed of where their
query is or complaint;

` Transparency is achieved when a customer for example goes on the Asda shopping website
and their entire history of orders are displayed and full transparency of their products being
viewed over a period of time









 Austomer can place an order by Online, Order By Phone. àn this strategy
 , Austomers can replace the orders from on their way.
Austomers can track their Orders, Austomers knows when they will receive their products
with this using the 2.0 web portal.
`    Asda putted the self till machines , where have the customer used it
their on selves. more easy and quickly. Belongs to this strategy Asda s want to earn
customers trust loyalty . Because V 


` |
$    There is so many ways to represent the company s behaviour. àn
this new era Marketing is the best strategy to close with customer. Asda also applied this
strategy in there business. They send the email to customer for represent their new product,
offers, ethics, products details etc. With this strategy customers know more and more things
about company policy. àt means it creates more transparency between customers and



 Austomer Support is also call to Technical support. Every Business
needing to provide the technical support. Asda also provide the Technical support to
their customer. Asda also help to there customer with a Online help centre, Aall centre.
For example if we talk about Asda- àf Asda have a any technical fault on there Online
System, On the Website etc. Then customer help centre or care centres are contact to
customers and they explain the problems. àn this circumstances company are using the
email service, Short messaging service, new hotline service. With this service customer
can know the actual technical problem and company earn the more n more customer
 Employees are right tool and right authority support to customer.
àn Asda customer can call to Asda s hotline numbers. The Employees are give the all the
information about products, offers, also helpful to when customers get the defected
àtems. For an Example: àf any customer got the defected item then he/she called to
Asda͛s customer helpline at that time employee give them a right direction. àf that item
is defective then employees take that items return and give the refund to customers.



` % |   Technologies and tools are not only the solutions of business, but
you also want to have some knowledge about customers behaviour. ARM and Knowledge
management both are opposite things but they have to work with together. Because if you
don͛t have any knowledge about customers behaviour then you cant stand in the market. So
knowledge management works with customers behaviours. àt help to identified the
customer behaviour. Which products customer usually like or dislike, àf its not like then why
customer dislike this product? Asda also work with strategy and they get the opinion of their
customers and they improved there services.
` |
 ARM Portal is a web infrastructure that integrate customer ànformation,
Austomer interactions, and their life cycle events, and helps companies to create best
possible offers of service and products to their clients. For this to be of value a ARM portal
will use real time ARM analysis to real time ARM content. ARM portal is a gateway to all the
resources a company needs, to provide competitive products and services using the principle
of right person, right message/product, at the right time". àt leverages databases, analysis,
and communication methodologies.

` ARM is an enterprise-wide corporate strategy for

presenting a single face, sometimes called a unified
marketing message, to the customer. àt responds to
issues relating to sharing customer data and
providing a seamless contact and fulfilment
experience for the customer.
` ARM front-end applications usually integrate with
backend systems such as accounting and
manufacturing for a true enterprise-wide cost
reduction solution.
` require additional work inputting data

` dehumanize a process that should be personal

` require continuous maintenance, information

updating, and system upgrading costly

` difficult to integrate with other management

information systems
` www.google.com
` Salesforce.com
` Yahoo.com
` Scribd.com
` http://www.crmportals.com/
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