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Stat 160 Course Syllabus

Onneth Orejana Tejada

Stat 160– Parametric Statistics
1st semester, 2018-2019


University Information
Vision of the University
• Central Luzon State University (CLSU) as a world-class National University for science and
technology in agriculture and allied fields.
Mission of the University
• CLSU shall develop globally competitive, work-ready, socially-responsible and empowered
human resources who value life-long learning; and to generate, disseminate, and apply
knowledge and technologies for poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and sustainable
Quality Policy Statement
• Excellent service to humanity is our commitment.
• We are committed to develop globally-competent and empowered human resources, and
to generate knowledge and technologies for inclusive societal development.
• We are dedicated to uphold CLSU’s core values and principles, comply with statutory and
regulatory standards and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality
management systems.
• Mahalaga ang inyong tinig upang higit na mapahusay ang kalidad ng aming paglilingkod.
Parametric Statistics| 2

Goals of the College of Arts and Sciences

• The College of Arts and Sciences is the main provider of general education in the basics
needed by the first year students in the pursuit of more advanced and specialized fields of
endeavor in the sciences, humanities and technical education. In line with the mission of the
University, the goals of the College of Arts and Sciences are:
• To equip students with basic knowledge and skills needed in the pursuit of more
advanced and specialized fields of endeavor.
• To develop civic consciousness in students and train them for active involvement in
environmental concerns and agro-industrial development.
• To mold students into more humane individuals through exposure to the arts and
participation in various forms of artistic activities.

Objectives of the Department of Statistics

• Train students as professional statisticians in the government, industry, research agencies
and other institutions.
• Provide students with necessary academic background to teach statistics, and
• Equip students with adequate experience to pursue graduate work.
Parametric Statistics| 3
Course Information
Course Code Stat 160
Course Title Parametric Statistics
This course contains a thorough discussion of the different
parametric statistics with the emphasis on various special
parametric families of univariate and multivariate statistics
as well as different sampling distributions and other order
Pre-requisite Stat 120
Co-requisite None
Credit 3 Units
Class Hours 3 hours per week
Class Schedule 1:00 – 2:30 WF Rm 206

Parametric Statistics| 4
Course Outline
0. Preliminaries 2. Concept of a Random Sample
0.1 CLSU Vision and Mission 3. Statistics and Sampling Distributions
0.2 CLSU Quality Policy Statements 4. Sampling from the normal distributions
0.3 CAS Goals 4.1 Chi-square Distribution
0.4 Department of Statistics Objectives 4.2 t distribution
1. Introduction
4.3 F distribution
5. Order Statistics
1.1 Review of Probability Theory
6. Asymptotic Theories
1.2 Probability Theory vs. Statistical Inference
1.3 Specification of Statistical Problems
6.1 Chebyshev’s Inequality
6.2 Weak Law of Large Numbers
1.4 Classification of Statistical Problems
6.3 Central Limit Theorem

Parametric Statistics| 5
Course Evaluation
Term Examinations 75%
Quizzes 10%
Problem Sets 15%
Course Assessment Task Weight
CO 1-3 Quiz 1 2.0
Problem Set 1 5.0
First Term Exam 25.0
CO 5-6 Quiz 2 2.0
Quiz 3 2.0
Problem Set 2 5.0
Second Term Exam 25.0
CO 7-8 Quiz 4 2.0
Quiz 5 2.0
Problem Set 3 5.0
Final Term Exam 25.0
Total 100.0

Parametric Statistics| 6
Computation of Final Course Average Score (FCAS):
FCAS = Q/A(10%) + PS (15%) + FTE (25%) + STE (25%) + FE (25%)
FCAS = Final course average score
Q/A = Quizzes and assignments score
PS = Problem set score
FTE = First term exam score
STE = Second term exam score
FE = Final exam score
The final grades will correspond to the following weighted average scores:
FCAS Grade FCAS Grade FCAS Grade
95.57 - 100.00 1.00 77.78 – 82.22 2.00 60.00 - 64.44 3.00
91.12 – 95.56 1.25 73.34 – 77.77 2.25 55.00 – 59.99 4.00
86.68 – 91.11 1.50 68.89 – 73.33 2.50 Below 55 5.00
82.23 – 86.67 1.75 64.45 – 68.88 2.75

Parametric Statistics| 7

• Bartoszynski, Robert and Niewiadomska-Bugaj, Magdalena (2007). Probability
• Statistical Inference. 2nd Edition, A John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publication.
• Casella, George and Berger, Roger, L. (2002). Statistical Inference. 2nd Edition,
• Wadsworth Group, USA.
• Mood, A., Graybill, F. and Boes, D. (1974). Introduction to the Theory of
Statistics. 3rd edition, Singapore: Mc-Graw Hill.

Parametric Statistics| 8