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Assessment at Lincoln

A Snapshot
Plan for today
3:00 - all meet in Makerspace
3:00 - 3:20 - Philosophy (new teachers)
3:30 - 4:10ish - snapshot stations (all staff)

Monday - last session on reporting

“Why would anyone want to change current
grading practices? The answer is quite simple:
Grades are so imprecise that they are almost
meaningless.”- Marzano
In your table groups discuss the following questions

● What does this quote mean to you?

● What kind of language should represent the types of grades we are giving?
Frustration - student\teacher\parent

Professional learning and research

Motivated staff members

The assessment committee from 2013-2018 focused on creating a philosophy based on best practices
with an emphasis on student-centered assessment beliefs.

The First document we produced:

Timeline to getting rid of traditional grades
Phase 1:Fall 2015 - Philosophy and logistical development-this is all teacher

Phase 2: Winter 2015-2016 - Implementation of standards-based grading in

planning, assessing, and learning environment

Phase 3: Spring 2016 - Community Learning (parents, teachers, students) and

agreement on standards-based report card, possible trial run

Phase 4: Fall 2016 - Official standards-based report card

“No one will do work” Skim through the article

“Assignments don’t count” - Any aha moments

- Guilty moments
“Can’t go to college” - Things you have questions about
- Things that challenged you
“No accountability”

“Parents won’t know”

Documentation and Unity
Staff Bulletin

- Professional Handbook
- Student\Parent Handbook - Elementary will be added this week
- Assessment Policy
- Levels of mastery
- Homework policy
- Learning at Lincoln


- Assessment team writes, reviews, and edits reportables. These will be used in reporting academic progress.
Students should know reportables at a developmentally appropriate context.


- We use the same language about assessment and learning

Resources 5 Fixes to Broken Grades - Ken O’Connor

On Your Mark: Challenging the Conventions of

Grading and Reporting - Thomas R. Guskey

Embedded Formative Feedback - Dylan Wiliam

Hacking Assessment - Starr Sackstein

Grading From the Inside Out - Tom Schimmer

A School Leader’s Guide to Standards-Based

Grading - Tammy Heflebower and Jan K. Hoegh

Alfie Kohn
6-8 minute mini lessons and demonstrations on the practical uses of assessment
at Lincoln School. Please attend 4 sessions that are relevant to you.

1. Colleen (LE) Andrew’s Room -- Using assessment to inform learning in

early childhood
2. Janelle (UE) Joanne’s Room -- Using assessment to inform learning in
upper elementary learners
3. Sam (MS/HS) - Anne’s Room -- Structure and student communication
4. Chip (MS/HS) - Chip’s Room -- Using standards to guide learning
5. Molly (UE/MS/HS) Reading Room -- Conferencing discussions about learning
6. Mark (UE/MS/HS) - Mark’s Room -- Difficult assessment
Monday’s PD
1. Guiding statements surrounding student conversations (Pull out group)
2. Assessment as it relates to reporting and the report card (30 mins)