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real life
About us
IDEAS ACADEMY Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between
IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs),
and Stichting Young Refugee Cause (YRC), The Netherlands.
IDEAS Academy believes in education for all
Education holds the key to global citizenship,
which is something that no one- regardless of
background, race or economic situation-should be

Every child between 12 and 18 years old should

gain a strong secondary educational foundation to
become a responsible, compassionate and
confident citizen of tomorrow.
IDEAS Academy: The Learning
For underprivileged youths in Malaysia - including
stateless, refugee and undocumented children. We
teach 150 students now but we want to grow to 300
IDEAS Academy is strongly
endorsed by
Education in Malaysia
Refugee and stateless children in Malaysia are not
allowed to enrol into government schools. But they
don’t have enough money to pay for expensive private
schools either.

The majority of the learning centres are at primary level.

There are only a few secondary level centres for refugee
and stateless children.
IDEAS ACADEMY is situated in a
four-storey building at No. 72A
Floor 2-5, Jalan Metro Pudu,
Fraser Business Park, Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pudu is an area in Kuala Lumpur

with the highest concentration of
primary level learning centres.

Our premise is close to public

transport facilities.
A welcoming, safe,
caring, happy and
supportive environment
where everyone is
respected and listened
Providing excellent education
that meets each student’s
interests, abilities and needs
within the Cambridge
curricular framework
Cambridge curriculum

• We offer English, Mathematics,

Science, Social Studies, Bahasa
Malaysia, Computing Studies,
Art , Commerce, Accounting &
Physical Education

• We will also be developing our

own curriculum and pedagogy
to help us teach children with
interrupted learning

• We will share this curriculum

with other centers providing
the same service in Malaysia
and worldwide.
Challenging each student to
develop intellectual
independence, creativity,
curiosity and a sense of
responsibility towards others.
A creative learning
A nutritious lunch every
Extra curricular activities:
cooking, table tennis, choir,
art & Craft, music and chess
• Qualified full-time
teaching team
The Team • Specialized

• Volunteers teach
regularly over at
least one full term.

• continuity in the
students’ learning.
Be our partner for change
And let’s reach out to young people with no access to
education !