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FHSIS Indicators, Formula & Target

FHSIS Indicators, Formula & Target

Performance Indicator Formula Target 2016
Crude Birth Rate Total no. Of Live births/Population x 1000  
Total no. Of Deaths/Total Population x
Crude Death Rate 1000  
Proportion of births attended No. Of births attended by doctor, nurse or
by skilled health personnel midwives/ LB x 100 90%
Total no of deliveries at the facility( hosp,
Facility Based deliveries lying inn, rhu) / 90%
  total no. Of deliveries ) x 100  
Maternal Mortality Rate No. Of maternal deaths/ LB x 100,000 52/100000 LB
Neonatal Mortality Rate (0-28
days) No. Of neonatal deaths/LB x 1000 10/1000 LB
Infant Mortality Rate (below
one year of age) No. Of deaths 0-1yrs/ LB x 1000 17/1000 LB
Under-five mortality Rate No. Of deaths 0-5yrs/ LB x 1000 25.5/1000 LB
Perinatal Mortality Rate No. Of Fetal deaths 18/1000 LB
Neonatal Tetanus Mortality No. Of deaths due to neonatal tetanus/LB Less than 1
Rate x 1000 case/1000 LB
Proportion of Pregnant
Women with 4 or more No. Of pregnant women with 4 or
prenatal visits more prenatal visits/pop x 2.7% 90%
Proportion of Pregnant No. Of pregnant women given TT2
Women given TT2 plus plus/pop x 2.7% 80%
Pregnant women given No. Of pregnant women given
complete iron w/ folic acid complete iron w/folic acid/pop x 2.7% 80%
Proportion of 10-49 yrs old No. Of women 10-49 yrs old given 12.3% (50%
women given iron iron/pop x 24.6% of age group)
Proportion of Post partum No. Of post partum women given Vit.
women given Vit. A A/pop x 2.7% 80%

No. Of women of reproductive age
Contraceptive Prevalence
(15-49 yrs)using modern FP Method/ 65%
Rate for Modern FP
(pop x 12.325%)
No. Of Condom User/ total no of
Condom Use Rate current user ) x 100  
No. Of children under 1 yr given BCG, 3 doses
Proportion of Fully Immunized
each of OPV, 3 doses each of Penta Vaccines& 95%
Children (FIC)
1 dose of Measles/pop x 2.7%

No. of infants referred for newborn 100%

Proportion of infant referred for
new born screening screening
Proportion of Infants exclusively No. Of infants exc. Breastfed until 6th mos/pop 70%
breasted until 6th month x. 2.7%

Proportion of infants 6-8 months Number of infants given complementary 95%

given complementary foods food/LB  

Infant/Children given Vitamin A

Supplementation by Age Group Infant 6-11 mo; 12-59 mos given vit A/elig 90%
pop) x 100

EP 6-11 = TP X 1.35%
  EP 12-59 MOS = TP x 10.8 %
TB Case Detection Rate (TB All
forms=New Smear (+) + New Smear(-) Total No. Of TB all forms of TB detected/
+ Relapse + Extra Pulmonary) (total pop x 0.00554) x 100 90%
Total No. Of Notified TB All forms/Total
TB Case Notification Rate Population x 100,000  
Number of new bacteriologically-confirmed
Cure Rate (Percentage of TB new TB Cases cured/total number of new
bacteriologically confirmed that are bacteriologically-confirmed TB cases
cured) registered during a specified period
Total No. Of Cured & Treatment Completed
TB Treatment Success rate of TB All Forms/total No. Of TB All Forms x
100 90%

Number of Leprosy Cases under treatment at
Leprosy Prevalence Rate .40 per 10,000 popn
the end of the year/Total Population x 10,000
Total No. Of New Cases Detected/total 1.80/100,000
Leprosy Case Detection Rate
population x 100,000 popn

Incidence associated with (No. Dengue cases / total pop) x

Dengue 100,000  
Case Fatality Rate (Death
rate associated with No. Of death due to Dengue/ Number
Dengue) of Cases x 100  

Death rate associated with No. Of death due to Rabies/ Number

rabies of cases x 100 100% 

% of HH w/ access to safe total no. Of HH w/ access to safe

water water/ total no. Of HH ) X 100 94%
% of HH w/ sanitary toilet No. Of HH w/ Sanitary toilet/ total no. 96% (Urban);
Facility Of HH ) X 100 86% (Rural)