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Introduction to

History of Chinese Tea
 Chinese people are believed to have enjoyed
tea drinking for more than 4000 years.
 Tea to the Chinese is just like the coffee to the
 Tea as a beverage and medicine (good for
History of Chinese Tea
 One of the seven necessities to begin a day for Chinese.

Firewood Salt Rice Sauce Vinegar Oil Tea

The legend of Chinese Tea
 Shennong found tea
1. Emperor Shennong accidently when he was
(神农 shénnóng) boiling water while some
discovered tea by tea leaves dropped into
accident in 2737 BCE the water, and he drank
 The father of tea. some and found it very

The portrait of Shennong

Lu Yu and Classic of Tea
 陆羽 Lùyǔ – the Sage of
Tea for his contribution
to Chinese Tea Culture.
 He is the best known for
his monumental book
“茶经 Chá jīng”, the first
known monograph on
tea in the world during
760 Common Era.
Classic of Tea
Written around 760 CE
• Origin of tea
• Tools for making tea
• How tea is
• How to brew tea
• Tea wares
• Drinking tea
• Anecdotes about tea
• Places that produced
How many kinds of Chinese tea do you know?
What are the main kinds of tea in China?
Green Tea
White Tea
Yellow Tea
Red Tea
Oolong Tea
Black Tea
The categories of tea
They believe that different
tea sets affect the tea's
Pottery Tea Sets – "The
Best Tools for Brewing
Pottery is the earliest
Purple Clay sets are
believed to be most
suitable for brewing tea,
since this clay is uniquely
able to store and release
the fragrance of tea.
Art of Tea 茶道 chádào
 The art of tea including the tea ceremony, the
technique of brewing tea, the process of
tasting tea, tea set, tea tools and etc.
 Aroma of tea
 Color of tea
 Tasting the tea
 Tea pot
 Music
Tea leaf aroma smelling

View the Tea color

Prepare Tea Set

Drink Tea Smelling the tea

Making tea
泡茶 pàochá
Benefit of drinking tea
 Medical value : Anticancer, lower blood
pressure, improve eyesight
 Weight management
 Antioxidant – healthy skin and younger looking
 Stress management
 Mental performance and health