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Hello Class

Good Morning
Let’s Learn
• to express and ask about ability
• to express and ask about willingness
Ery : My uncle, Anton is a very skillful person.
Nita : Really?
Ery : Yes. He can do many things.
Nita : Interesting. Can he drive?
Ery : Yes. He can drive. He is a good singer and dancer.
And he can speak ten languages.
Nita : Wow!
Ery : He can even sew.
Using “can”
 the words in bold in the dialogue shows someone’s ability of
doing something.
 The pattern is:
(+) S + can + V1
(-) S + cannot / can’t + V1
(?) Can + S + V1 ?
 Answers
Yes, I can
No, I cannot
 Yuko can speak English. (correct)
✗ Yuko can to speak English. (incorrect)
✗ Yuko can speaks English. (incorrect)

 Alice cannot swim.

 Alice can not swim.
 Alice can’t swim.
Let’s make sentences!
Let’s talk!
Make sentences about yourself! Use “I can” or “I can not”

Can you speak Arabic?
Yes, I can speak Arabic.
No, I can not speak Arabic.
Let’s talk!
1. Can you whistle?
2. Can you eat with chopsticks?
3. Can you ride a motorbike?
4. Can you cook fried rice?
5. Can you play guitar?
6. Can you make a paper airplane?
7. Can you swim?
8. Can you speak English?
9. Can you sing dangdut?
10. Can you wiggle your ears?
Lets play games!
Work in small groups. Discuss each statements. Then, circle
“yes” or “no”. When you are finished, check your answers with
your teacher. The group with the most correct answers win.

Turkeys can fly. Yes No
Let’s play games!
Some birds can’t fly. Yes No

Whales can hold their breath underwater. Yes No

Kangaroos can walk. Yes No

Fish can close their eyelids. Yes No

Dolphins can live in fresh water. Yes No

Some fish can fly. Yes No

Cats can bark. Yes No

A squid can change colors. Yes No

Human can see bacteria with naked eyes. Yes No

Some snakes can swim. Yes No

Make a list of what you can do and
what you can’t do!
Things I can do Things I cannot do

I can ride a motorbike I cannot drive a car

Tell me what you have learnt today!

I learn ....
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