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Let’s Learn

• to state rules
We will learn ...
• How to use “must”, and “must not”, to state rules
 must digunakan untuk menunjukkan
perintah untuk melakukan sesuatu.

 People must obey the rules. = Masyarakat

harus / mesti mematuhi peraturan.
 All moslems must pray five times a day.
 All moslems must fast during Ramadan.
 if a traffic light is red, a car must stop.
 We must respect our teachers.

The pattern is
S + must + V1
Must vs. Should
 Gunakan must ketika sesuatu itu  Gunakan should ketika sesuatu itu
sangat penting untuk dilakukan dan bagus untuk dilakukan, tetapi tidak apa-
kamu tidak boleh meninggalkannya. apa bila tidak dilakukan (hanya bersifat
All moslems must fast during All moslems should fast for two
Ramadan. days before Eid ul-Adha.
Must vs. Should
 Gunakan must ketika sesuatu itu  Gunakan should ketika sesuatu itu
penting dilakukan dan kamu tidak punya perlu dilakukan, tetapi kamu masih punya
pilihan lain bila tidak melakukannya. pilihan lain dalam melakukannya.

I must study tonight. I will have I should study tonight. I have

national examinations tomorrow. some homework to do, but I’m tired.
I’ll study tomorrow morning. I am
going to go to bed now.
Let’s practice
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Must not (mustn’t)
 must not atau mustn’t digunakan untuk
menunjukkan larangan untuk melakukan

 We must not throw trash in public places.

= Kita dilarang membuang sampah di
tempat umum.
Must not (mustn’t)
 Students must not wear jeans to school.
 Students mustn’t cheat in exams.
 We mustn’t tell lies.

The pattern is
S + must not / mustn’t + V1
Now, let’s practice
Write your own school’s rules. Use “must” and “must not”!
My School’S ruleS
1. The students must wear a uniform every
2. The students must noT wear sandals, T-
shirts, or jeans at any time during school
3. The students must keep the class clean and
4. The students must not come late to school.
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