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Idaho Core Teacher Standards and the

Danielson Framework for Teaching

Jaime Echeverria
College of Western Idaho

▪ Become familiar with the Idaho Core

Teacher Standards.
▪ Become familiar with the Danielson
Framework for Teaching.
▪ Understand how the Idaho Core
Teacher Standards and the Danielson
Framework for Teaching align with
one another.
What are the Idaho Core Teacher Standards?

▪ The Idaho Core Teachers

Standards are ten standards
that describe what is expected
of all qualified Idaho teachers.
▪ These are standards and skills
that Idaho teachers must
possess to be successful in the
▪ Teachers are evaluated by
administration based on these
Standard 1: Knowledge of the Subject Matter

Teachers must…
The teacher
understands the ▪ Demonstrate an understanding of
central concepts, concepts being presented to students.
tools of inquiry, and
structures of the ▪ Present information that is accurate and
discipline taught and relevant.
creates learning
experiences that ▪ Plan appropriate lessons that will instill an
make these aspects understanding of concepts being
of subject matter
meaningful for presented.
Standard 2: Knowledge of Human
Development & Learning

The teacher Teachers must…

understands how ▪ Understand that all students do not learn in
students learn and the same way.
develop, and
provides ▪ Design instruction that meets the needs of all
opportunities that students.
support their ▪ Plan lessons that are developmentally
intellectual, social, appropriate for students.
and personal
development. ▪ Create a learning environment that supports
confidence and promotes learning.
Standard 3: Modifying Instruction for Individual

Teachers must…
The teacher
understands how ▪ Consider the individual learning styles and
students differ in their abilities of each student.
approaches to learning
and creates instructional ▪ Alter lessons for students who have
opportunities to meet particular learning needs.
students’ diverse needs
▪ Create a learning environment that
and experiences.
respects individual differences.
Standard 4: Multiple Instructional Strategies

Teachers must…
The teacher ▪ Enhance learning with the use of various
understands and uses teaching strategies, materials and
a variety of technology.
instructional ▪ Engage students in learning by using
strategies to develop multiple teaching and learning strategies.
student learning.
Standard 5: Classroom Motivation &
Management Skills

The teacher Teachers must…

understands individual
and group motivation ▪ Utilize a classroom management plan
and behavior and consistent with district policies and school
creates a learning rules regarding student behavioral
environment that expectations.
encourages positive
social interaction, ▪ Create a productive classroom
active engagement in environment that enhances social
learning, and self- relationships and self-motivation for
motivation. students.
Standard 6: Communication Skills

Teachers must…
The teacher uses a ▪ Model effective communication strategies
variety of for students.
techniques to foster ▪ Demonstrate effective communication
learning and both orally and in writing.
communication skills ▪ Adjust communication in response to
in the classroom. cultural and gender differences. For
example, eye contact and body language.
Standard 7: Instructional Planning Skills

Teachers must…
The teacher plans and
prepares instruction ▪ Create lessons and activities that
based on knowledge of accommodate multiple learning styles and
differences in development level.
subject matter,
students, the ▪ Plan lessons and assessments that align
community, curriculum with curriculum goals and are relevant to
goals, and instructional student learning.
strategies. ▪ Be flexible and willing to adjust based on
the needs of the students and changes in
Standard 8: Assessment of Student Learning

Teachers must…
The teacher ▪ Use a variety of assessment techniques, both
understands, uses, and formal and informal. For example,
interprets formal and standardized tests and observations.
informal assessment ▪ Allow students to evaluate their own
strategies to evaluate performance, encouraging them to set
and advance student personal academic goals.
performance and to
determine teaching ▪ Maintain records of student work and
performance in the classroom to
effectiveness. communicate student progress with parents,
administrators and colleagues.
Standard 9: Professional Commitment &

Teachers must…
The teacher
understands, uses, and ▪ Evaluate teaching outcomes using
interprets formal and research, classroom observation and
informal assessment information about students.
strategies to evaluate
and advance student ▪ Participate in professional development
performance and to opportunities.
determine teaching
▪ Collaborate with colleagues by sharing
classroom experiences, problem solve and
generate ideas for the classroom.
Standard 10: Partnerships

Teachers must…
The teacher interacts
in a professional, ▪ Seek to develop partnerships with parents
effective manner with and guardians in support of student
learning and well being.
colleagues, parents,
and other members of ▪ Collaborate with other teachers,
the community to counselors and professionals.
support students’
learning and well-
▪ Advocate for students and their
educational needs.

What is the Danielson Framework for Teaching?

▪ Charlotte Danielson’s
“Framework for Teaching” is
utilized by the state of Idaho as
a way to evaluate the
competency and efficiency of
▪ 4 domains of teaching
1. Planning & Preparation
2. Classroom Environment
3. Instruction
4. Professional Responsibilities
Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

▪ 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content Pedagogy

▪ 1b Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
▪ 1c Setting Instructional Outcomes
▪ 1d Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
▪ 1e Designing Coherent Instruction
▪ 1f Designing Student Assessments
Domain 2 Classroom Environment

▪ 2a Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

▪ 2b Establishing a Culture for Learning
▪ 2c Managing Classroom Procedures
▪ 2d Managing Student Behavior
▪ 2e Organizing Physical Space
Domain 3: Instruction

▪ 3a Communicating with Students

▪ 3b Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
▪ 3c Engaging Students in Learning
▪ 3d Using Assessment in Instruction
▪ 3e Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

▪ 4a Reflecting on Teaching
▪ 4b Maintaining Accurate Records
▪ 4c Communicating with Families
▪ 4d Participating in a Professional Community
▪ 4e Growing and Developing Professionally
▪ 4f Showing Professionalism
Working Together

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

• Standard 1: Knowledge of Subject Matter
• Standard 2: Knowledge of Human Development
• Standard 7: Instructional Planning Skills
Domain 2: Classroom Environment
• Standard 5: Classroom Motivation & Management Skills The Idaho Core Teacher
Domain 3: Instruction & Assessment Standards and the
• Standard 3: Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs Danielson Framework
• Standard 4: Multiple Instructional Strategies for Teaching align with
• Standard 6 : Communication Skills the INTASC.
• Standard 8: Assessment of Student Learning
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
• Standard 9: Professional Commitment & Responsibilities
• Standard 10: Partnerships

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