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Increasing Online buying

behaviour among UAE citizens

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• Online shopping , falling in the e-commerce domain is growing at

rapid pace and is currently in its golden era as it is the potential
contributor in the area of e-commerce. Numerous nations across
the world have documented the success of e-commerce as well as
it has been majorly contributing towards the economic growth of
the countries’.
Background of the Study

• E- Commerce consists of business transactions with the help of

electronic means in which the delivery of services or the goods is
being done electronically or in a tangible form
• online shopping rather in the past decade it has grown by 1500
• more than 80 percent people use Internet and out of this 15
percent do online shopping while around 10 percent use mobile
phones for online shopping
Statement of the Problem

• In case of Arab nations it has been noticed that they have been
the slowest ones in adopting online shopping
• 48 percent of the Internet users within the region have never
ever engaged in online transactions.
• This rise of e-commerce has been putting large amounts of
pressure on retailers to find out the ways so that they can get
their products faster to their customers at cheaper rates along
with the best possible experience.
Research Question, Research Aim & Objectives

What are the main reasons for the rise in online shopping
behaviour amongst the UAE citizens?
What are the main factors which impact the online purchase
intentions of the customers in the UAE?
 What is the online buying behaviour depicted by the UAE citizens?

To find out the major trends of online buying in the UAE.
To find the reasons for increase in online buying behaviour
amongst the UAE citizens.
To analyze the key factors that impact the online purchase
intentions of the customers in the UAE.
Research Design

• This data also includes the explanations regarding the approaches

that are used for collection and analysis of data, location, time
frame as well as the sources for obtaining the data.
Study Population and Sampling

• The study population will consist of online shoppers who must

have shopped online many times, have been exposed to Internet
• sample population will be the online shoppers who are UAE citizen
(both male and female) and the chosen sample size will be of 100
participants participating in the research. Convenience sampling
method will be used as a part of random sampling.
Timetable for Completion of Project
The stages of research Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Choosing the Research


Data Collection using


Formulating the
research design

Literature Review

Primary and
secondary data

Data analysis and data


Findings and

Conclusions and

Submission of final
research report
Resources and Budget Required for the Study

Items Total
Salary/ Research scholarship or Grant AED 900

Equipment’s (office equipment’s, AED 120

fixed equipment’s / and equipment
installation costs)
Books , Journals and Periodicals AED 100

Other nonrecurring expenses Nil

Recurring expenses AED 70
Travelling expenses AED 80
Institutional support AED 60
Survey Questionnaire
• What is your gender? • What are the key influences on your online • Very strongly
• Male shopping decision? • Strongly
• female • Advertisement • Can’t say
• Convenience • Somewhat
• What is your age? • Attractive pricing or discounts
• 15-19 years • Not at all
• Word of mouth or recommendations
• 20-25 years • No human interactions • Do you think that shopping online is safe?
• 26-30 years • Yes
• 31-35 years • How easy do you find to shop online? • No
• 36 years and above • Very easy • Neutral
• Slightly easy
• How often do you buy online? • Neutral • How easy is it to shop online?
• Once a month • Complicated • Very easy
• More than once a month • Very complicated • Slightly easy
• 2-10 times in a year • Neutral
• Once a year • Does convenience influence your online shopping • Complicated
• Never shopped online before • Very strongly • Very complicated
• How long have you been buying online? • Strongly
• Less than a year • Neutral
• 1-5 years • Slightly
• More than 5 years • Not at all
• I have never shopped online • Does the pricing of products or services impact
your online buying behaviour?