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1. Rationale
2. Research Objective
3. Literature Review
4. Research Framework & Hypothesis
5. Research Methodology
6. Research Structure
1. Rationale

What makes our school special?

The British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS
Hanoi) is the first of its kind in Vietnam with a unique license
to offer an international curriculum with full bilingual
development in English and mother tongue
2. Research Objective
2.1 General objectives
– To determine which factors influence student satisfaction towards secondary
program at BVIS.
– By analyzing which criteria student satisfy, which not, we can suggest the proposal
to improve the school quality, increase the student satisfaction and attract more
and more new students.
2.2 Specific objectives
– To identify factors to influence student satisfaction towards the international
secondary program at BVIS.
– To analyze factors impacting student satisfaction towards the international
secondary program at BVIS.
– To measure the level of student satisfaction toward the international secondary
program at BVIS.
– To propose suggestions to improve the quality of the international secondary
program to meet the students’ needs at BVIS.
3. Literature Review

3.1. Student Satisfaction

Kotler and Clarke (1987) defined
satisfaction as a state felt by a
person who has experience
performance or an outcome that
fulfill his or her expectation.
Satisfaction is a function of
relative level of expectations and
perceives performance
3.2. Research Review
Article title Author Year of Research Result which factors impact
A study of factors influencing Paweena 2014 Students’ preparation
Chinese Students’ satisfaction Songsathaphorn, Education
toward Thai University Chenin Chen Safety
(Thailand) Image and prestigate
Social and culture support
Infrastructure and Admin support
Economic consideration
Students expectation, perception Dr. Sudharani.D. 2012 Image
and Satisfaction towards the Ravindrana , Academic Program
Management Educational Mrs.Kalpana Mb, Location
institutions (India) Infrastructure
Education, educational services and Zaid Yaseen Saud 2017 Facilities
students’ satisfaction – AL-DULAIMI Curriculum
comparative study between (Romania) Student engagement
Romanian and Iraqi Assessment
University Advising