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The Sumo© full featured

Wastewater Process Simulator Why choose Sumo?

Only task-flow based simulator1 in the
world made to work as engineers do
Only open process source commercial
simulator1 (models, mass balances, all
equations in Excel tabular format in
Virtually unlimited activated
sludge/anaerobic digester/sidestream
treatment configurations available2
Integrated steady-state and dynamic
simulations, 2-way link to Excel, popups,
sticky notes, undo(!)
Only simulator that allows complete flexibility to build your own models or modify any models in Sumo
Fast! Very fast! Ask for more details

www.dynamita.com info@dynamita.com

To our best knowledge
2Ifwe don’t have it, we build it. Timeline and development cost
(if any) is case specific
3We reserve the right to change pricing
Technical specifications
Biokinetic/chemical models Process units/configurations Strong points

Sumo models (Dynamita in-house researched/developed) Easy, flexible influent specification Easiest software to get up to speed with
Sludge production and oxygen uptake Reactors GUI Windows 7, 8.x, 10 based (compiled
One step nitrification/denitrification All types of activated sludge reactors models platform independent)
Two step nitrification/denitrification, anammox (CSTRs, PFRs, oxidation ditches, SBRs, etc.) Unique, user friendly task-flow based
High-rate process, flocculation Fermenters software design, undo, Excel report
Bio-P Anaerobic digesters Expert support in process software
Fermentation, anaerobic digestion Sidestream reactors Training courses, technology transfer
Chemical P removal MBBR, IFAS, Moving Carrier Sumo team co-authored books (WERF
Struvite and other precipitates, nutrient recovery Phase separators Influent Characterization Manual, Good
Greenhouse gases Primary, secondary settlers, Modelling Practice Guidelines, various
Methanol dosing Thickeners, centrifuges, cyclone, MOPs)
Aeration dewatering, etc. Industry standard layered settling model
pH, alkalinity Other units for all types of settlers, clarifiers,
Gas transfer, stripping Thermal hydrolysis process thickeners
DO, MLSS, SRT, pH, ORP control Open API connection to 3rd party apps and
Control (on-off, ratio, PID)
Museum models Flow control elements databases
ASM1 Pumps, bypass weirs, channels Excel toolkit complementing Sumo (included)
ASM2d (original or with TUD bio-P) Flow combiners/dividers Dynamita Influent Tool
ASM3 (w/wo bio-P) Configurations Dynamita High F/M Tool (Autotrophic
Barker-Dold Unlimited complexity (largest plants in the growth rate evaluator)
ADM1 world have been modelled) Dynamita OUR tool
Other models Typical example plants (MLE, UCT, SBRs, Dynamita Influent Active Biomass Tool
UCTPHO+ (UCT) AS+Digester, whole plant with sidestream Dynamita DSRT Tool (Do you know your
treatment, etc.) provided with software
BNRM2 (CALAGUA Research Group) sludge age?)
Main stream deammonification Dynamita KLa Tool
Your own models
AB process
Model editor/automated mass balance check Offices
Thermal hydrolysis + digestion Western Europe (France, Austria)
Dedicated process engineering/research support
and many others
SumoSlang – built in intuitive simulation language North America (Canada)
for any dynamic or algebraic model Eastern Europe (Hungary)