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Benefits of Technology for
Language Learning
01 Remote Access to Language Education

02 Blended Language Learning Courses

03 Interactive Language Learning is Crucial

04 Real World Problem Solving Made Possible

1 Remote Access to Language Education
The most inspiring aspect of technology is its ability to reach
audiences all over the world. In language learning, it means
teachers can be hired locally and students access courses that
are taught by native language speakers – ensuring
proper language immersion.
Taking language education online opens a door that
allows virtually anyone to have access to that course and its
resources. Without technology, teaching is restricted to
a geographical area, a specific school, or a specific classroom;
with it, the reach is endless.
2 Blended Language Learning Courses
Blended Learning courses combine in-class and online language learning to
increase student engagement. In this way, classroom teaching and online training
are complementary to each other. The role of the instructor moves from
a teacher to a facilitator. Students complete structured,
comprehensive eLearning modules that teach them thelanguage then attend
classroom discussions where the teacher can focus on class weaknesses rather
than simply reciting language rules to the students. Technology makes blended
learning a reality and promotes an intuitivelanguage learning methodology that
is proven to be successful for language development.
3 Interactive Language Learning is Crucial
Experts have studied and debated that language learning through input only is not
only ineffective but is also not successful at achieving
learner language development. The best way to learn something is through
an interactivelearning environment created by technological tools and resources. For
students learning a language, it‘s key to ‘do’ things with language rather than just
learning about language from your teacher. Technology makes it possible for students
to interact with their language courses and gather a more complete understanding of all
of the language components. Some students feel more comfortable, less embarrassed to
make mistakes and learn from them in thisinteractive, intuitive model.
4 Real World Problem Solving Made Possible
Most of us have opened a text book and realized how outdated it was;
featuring topics that are no longer relevant with pictures and graphics that
have long gone out of education style. On the
contrast, language learning platforms, especially cloud-based ones,
are easily updated on a regular
basis. The course content, material, tools, resources,format, etc., can all
be refreshed and re-uploaded onto the cloud to guarantee students
always have the most up-to-date content available to them.
Simultaneously, they are also interactively learning in
a virtual environment thatmimics real-world situations they can
experience outside of the classroom. For example, Dexway Language
Innovation has UK and USA English courses that different and are tailored to
the audience in that area of the world.
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