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Memoirs of a General
Revolt of the masses
Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez was a progressive general and
an author and privileged leader of the principal
directorate of the Nacionalista Gathering.
Santiago Alvarez
Otherwise called "Kidlat ng Apoy"
(Lightning of Flame) due to his excited
boldness and devotion as leader of
Cavite's renowned fights (especially
that in Dalahican), he was celebrated
in the present-day Cavite City as the
"Legend" of the Clash of Dalahican.
Teodoro A. Agoncillo
Teodoro A. Agoncillo (November 9, 1912 –
January 14, 1985) was one of the pre-famous
Filipino history specialists of the twentieth
Teodoro A. Agoncillo
He and his contemporary Renato Constantino
were among the main Filipino antiquarians who
earned prestige for advancing an unmistakably
patriot perspective of Filipino history (patriot
historiography). He was likewise a writer and an
Memoir of a general by: Santiago Alvarez
- 1992
Revolt of the masses by: Teodoro
Agoncillo – 1996
(first published 1956)
Dates were mentioned in Revolt of
the Masses
 September 28, 1947 author visited the place
 December 1896 Bonifacio left cavite
 January 2 1897, San Francisco de malabon to

his uncle in law marian alvarez

 April 1897 Spaniards captured the town
 March 22, 1897 Aguinaldo’s birthday
 March 22, 1897 where it all started
Dates were mentioned in Memoirs
of the General

 March 24, 1897 meeting in tejero

 March 25, 1897 if the meeting was


 March 26,1897

 March 27, 1897

Places were mentioned in Revolt of
the Masses
 Batangas (Talisay, Nasugbu, Tuwi, and Look.)
 Cavite (Imus, General Trias)
 San Juan
 Laguna
 Morong in Bataan
 Tejero
Places were mentioned
in Memoirs of the
 Tejero
Sequence of the events
 Revolt of the Masses
◦ How it all started
◦ Thorough

 Memoirs of the General

◦ Story
◦ perspective
Difference between the two
 Memoirs of the general

Revolt of the masses

Based on researches
Advantages and
 Santiago Alvarez
◦ Experienced

 Teodoro Agoncillio
◦ Based on books
◦ Historian
Author’s bias
 Santiago Alvarez
◦ Part of Magdiwang
◦ Friend of Aguinaldo
◦ Work can be also bias
 Teodoro Agoncillio
◦ His work can be bias
◦ Bad at history

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