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Saurabh Jain
Roll No: 2017127
Batch: 2017-2019


SESSION : 2017-2019
 Chintamani Finlease is an RBI registered non banking financial company
(NBFC) operating for last 23 years from Delhi.
 CIBIL score is very important for anybody now a days, but only few
people understand. CIBIL score not only affects your ability to get
favorable loans at best interest rates.

 We will guide you how to improve your CIBIL score.

 Chintamani Finlease Ltd.
216, Ansal Vikas Deep Building,
Laxmi Nagar District Centre,
Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station
Delhi - 110092
 The confined objectives of the present study
 To analyze the market of NBFC‘s in India deal
in personal loan services
 To study the comparative anaylasis of
chintamani & its competitiors
 Maximum and minimum personal loan
 Personal loan disbursement time
 Maximum and minimum processing charges
 Maximum and minimum rates of interest on
Personal loan
 Maximum and minimum repayment periods
 Any forecloser charges
Company name

Maximum and minimum personal loan amounts

Bajaj Fiserv 25 lakh 50000

Mahindra and 30000
Mahindra financial
3 lakh
Shriram city union Based on profile
Tata capital 15 lakh 75000

Muthoot finance Depending upon tenure 50000

Chintamani finlease 2 lakh 30000

Here maximum amount loan is given shriram finance and minimum loan is
given by chintamani finlease
Company name Personal loan disbursment time

Bajaj Fiserv 72 hrs

Mahindra and 48 hrs

Mahindra financial
Shriram city union 72 hrs
Tata capital 72 hrs

Muthoot finance Depending upon tenure

Chintamani 36 hrs

•Here loan disbursement period is very good in chintamani finlease as compare to

other company
Company name Maximum and minimum processing charge on personal loan

Bajaj Fiserv 3% 1.5%

Mahindra and Mahindra 3% 2%

Shriram city union Same
Tata capital 2.25% 0.5%

Muthoot finance Depending Same

upon tenure
Chintamani finlease 5% 5%

Here chintamani finlease has high processing charge

Company name Maximum and minimum interest rate personal
loan amounts

Bajaj Fiserv 12% 15.50%

Mahindra and Mahindra 13% Depend up on amount

Shriram city union finance 28% 11.49%

Tata capital 17.50% 14%

Muthoot finance As per the 10.75%

Chintamani finlease 26% fixed 22% fixed

Here chantamani finlease charge high rate of interest and that is fixed
Company name Maximum and minimum repayment period

Bajaj Fiserv 60 months 12 months

Mahindra and Mahindra 36 months Depend upon amount

Shriram city union finance 36 months 12 months

Tata capital 60 months Depend up on amount or 6


Muthoot finance 48 months 12 months

Chintamani finlease 15 months 6 months

Here chintamani only give short term personal loan for short time
Company name Foreclosure charges on personal

Bajaj Fiserv 4% to 2%

Mahindra and Mahindra financial 5% to 2%

Shriram city union finance 2.5%

Tata capital 5% to 2.5%

Muthoot finance
Not disclosed

Chintamani finlease 4%

Here chintamani finlease charge flat 4% forecloser charges

 Chintamani finlease give amount of loan up to 2 lakh because it cosider also low cibil score
up to 550 while all other companies consider a cibil score at least 700.

 Loan disbursement period is very good as compare to other competitor within just 36hrs
and I suggest it should improve it more to get competitive advantage

 Chintamani finlease charge flat 5% file processing charges this is high as compare to other
competitors & I suggest that file processing charge need to be revised. It should be vary from
loan amount.

 Chintamani finlease give loan amount up to 2 lakh and only for up to 12 month only or max
up to 15 month And I suggest that this loan amount is increase up to 5 lakh and tenure time
up at least 36 month

 We also find the chintamani rate of interest is litte bit high as compare to other competitor
and also the rate is fixed to 22% to 26% and I suggest that chantamani interest rate is
acceptable but they should follow reducing interest rate not fixed interest to get a
competitive advantage as all other company follow reducing interest rate

 Foreclosure charges in chintamani finlease 4% much high as compare to competitor and I

suggest that like all other company chintamani revise their foreclosure charges to manitain
good relationship with their customer
 In today’s scenario of cut throat competition it is very important to retain existing customer. It is
much cost efficient in retaining a customer than to attracting a new one. So in order to delight the
customer following things can be kept in mind:

 Reduce the time taken for disbursement of loans.

 NBFC sector banks need to bring more transparency in their workings.

 All terms and conditions fully disclose to their customer to main long term relationships

 Cibil score play an important role in today living standard of living for credit worthiness so
companies also consider the low cibil score (not bank only nbfc is accepted but charge high rate of
interest besause take more risk) and help customer to increase their cibil score.

 The credit delivery mechanism needs to be more transparent and hassle free. There should be
more stringent norms for the defaulters.

 NBFC‘s are organized players. Regulatory body needs to educate people about NBFC.

 To reduce in interest cost and hence benefit the ultimate consumer