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We stared on 2004 as networking solution

provider with name:

Digital Network Center

We running our first Mikrotik server as user

bandwidth management , Cache
forwarder and Firewall 2.7 version
• Its a WICP with over 100 wisp subscriber
base in Iraq Baghdad
• This network completely based on Mikrotik
• APs CPE Shapers Firewall and Core router
• Over 500 Mikrotik router running at this time
Some picture of current network
Simple view of NOC network topology
Full Duplex wireless
WLinky Group
MUM India April 2008
simple wireless connection
using 5.8 frequency with R52H
Mikrotik radio card
In the below picture we can the actual speed
that we can reach with this simple
Full Duplex wireless
Its an idea that using wireless
connection with two radio interface
one for transmitting and another for
receiving as its shown in below picture
How its work!!

Simple wireless configuration

Simple route configuration

Lets start set up!
Step 1
Start with Wireless section
Mode= AP bridge Mode= Station

Mode=AP bridge
Station mode Band=5Ghz-turbo
Lets start set up!
Step 2
adding ip address’s on wireless
Ip address= Ip address=

Interface:Wlan1 Interface=wlan1

Ip address= Ip address=
Interface:Wlan2 Interface:Wlan2
Lets start set up!
Step 3
adding default gateway
Default gateway =

Default gateway =
Let see what we have on!!
Max speed:
23 Mbps upload
46 Mbps download
Average speed:
16 Mbps upload
34 Mbps download
how to enhance your wireless
Turbo band
That its will case to double you
how to enhance your wireless
nice option to add some value on
you speed
how to enhance your wireless
this is very interested feature its will
help to block noise and also will
secure your wireless connection
Testing result
Without turbo and With turbo and
compression compression

28.5 63.8
Mbps Mbps
Will Miss the spicy