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Use various types- Use
andvarious types
kinds of and kinds
sentences for of sentences
effective for effective
communication of
communication of
information/ideas information/ideas
(complex sentences) (complex sentences)
Show tactfulness-when
tactfulness when communicating with others
with others

What is a compound sentence?

What conjunction do we use in
forming this type of sentence?
Study the following sentences
1. Water is the greatest gift of
nature, for it covers 70% of the
Earth’s surface and makes up over
60% of the human body.
2. Water is the greatest gift of
nature because it covers 70% of
the Earth’s surface and makes up
over 60% of the human body.
• A complex sentence is a sentence
containing an independent clause
and dependent clause joined by a
subordinating conjunction.
• In a complex sentence, the
independent clause shares the
main information, and the
dependent clause(s) provide
Subordinating conjunction vs
Coordinating conjunction
• Coordinating conjunctions are used to join
clauses has only one function: it joins clauses of
equal importance. Removing the conjunction
between two independent clauses will leave two
simple sentences whose meanings remain
• Subordinating conjunctions has two functions: it
joins, and it shows a relationship between the
clauses that it joins. Removing it defeats its

Humans exploited water to a limitless

level where controlling pollution is

If we do nothing to salvage this gift of

nature, the future generation is in

Commonly used subordinating
o after o though
o although o unless
o as o until
o because
o when
o before
o whenever
o even though
o whereas
o if
o since o wherever
o which o while
Identifying the independent clause
from the dependent clause
• An independent clause can stand alone
as a sentence. It does not need any
additional information to operate as a
• A dependent clause adds extra
information to the main clause. These
clauses cannot stand by themselves and
their meaning is dependent on the
independent clause.

• When I left for school this morning,

• If her decision was not done in a haste,
• Although he did not believe in
superstitions, ______________________
• The owner of the house was saddened
Group Activities
Group 1 – Underline the independent clause once.
1. Reading is a good exercise for the brain although
not everyone enjoys it.
2. Speaking makes us articulate however, we have to
do a lot of practice.
3. Listening is a skill toward comprehension since it is
vital to interpersonal communication.
4. Writing is the best skill because we can freely
express our feeling and emotions.
5. Though each has its own strength, it is still
important to make use of these skills in any possible
Group 2 – Fill in each blank with the correct
subordinating conjunction to connect the dependent
clause to the independent clause.
1. Last night _____ I was studying, I heard a very loud
2. The loud noise, _____ got onto my nerve, was
3. _____ worried and afraid, I stood up to find out
what’s it all about.
4. I slowly unlocked the door, _____ is just at the left
corner of the room.
5. _____ the door opened, a surprise attack hit me. It’s
my birthday.
Group 3 – Underline the dependent clause twice.

1. Darryl looked after my dog while I was away.

2. Bring your backpack when you come to school
3. When my grandmother was young, she listened to
Frank Sinatra records.
4. Unless I am wrong, peaches were first grown in
5. Linda will lend Wei the book when she has finished
Group 4 – Read each sentence and identify if it is
complex or compound. Write CX if it is complex and
CD if it is compound
1. My classmates and I had an argument over our
plan for summer outing, yet we wanted to settle the
issue in no time.
2. Even though summer is two months away, we
already decided to spend it together.
3. The boys want to go to the beach, but the girls
preferred to spend it in Tagaytay City.
4. The argument went on until Mam Sha arrived.
5. Mam Sha suggested we can do both if we come to
an agreement.
Group 5 – Identify the type of conjunction used in the
following sentences. Write SC if it’s subordinating or
CC if it’s coordinating
1. If we all agree, we will spend one day by the beach
and one day in Tagaytay City.
2. The boys and girls agreed to the idea, so the plan
for the summer outing will be possible.
3. The idea is quite interesting and exciting, so we
need to save up for this.
4. What a great summer vacation to look forward to,
for the boys and girls of Six-Aguinaldo will be together.
5. Before the class left to go home, they said farewell
to their teacher.
Summing It Up

• What are complex sentences?

• What type of conjunction is needed to
form complex sentences?
• How important is using this type of
sentence when communicating?

Choose the best answer to

complete the sentence. Write the
letter of the correct answer.
1. _____ the basement flooded,
we spent all day cleaning up.

a. After c. Before
b. Although d. Even if
2. I don’t want to go to the
movies _____ I hate the smell of
a. although c. whenever
b. because d. so that
3. I have a headache _____ I
lack sleep.

a. whenever c. after
b. whose d. if
4. _____ there is a test, you
have to study.

a. Because c. Although
b. Until d. Now that
5. _____ we are complete, we
can have a group photo.

a. As soon as c. Before
b. Because d. Now that