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06 Operations on thyroid and parathyroid
Includes : incidental resection of hyoid
06.0 Incision of thyroid field
Excludes : division of isthmus (06.91)
06.01 Aspiration of thyroid field
Percutaneous or needle drainage of thyroid field
Excludes : aspiration biopsy of thyroid (06.11)
drainage by incision (06.09)
postoperative aspiration of field (06.02)
06.02 Reopening of wound of thyroid field
Reopening of wound of thyroid field for :
control of (postoperative) hemorrhage
removal of hematoma
06.09 Other incision of thyroid field
Drainage of hematoma by incision
Drainage of thyroglossal tract by incision
Exploration :
neck by incision
thyroid (field) by incision
Removal of foreign body by incision
Thyroidotomy NOS by incision (called also thyrotomy )
is an incision of the larynx through the thyroid cartilage
Excludes : postoperative exploration (06.02)
removal of hematoma by aspiration (06.01)
06.1 Diagnostic procedures on thyroid and parathyroid
06.11 Closed [percutaneous] [needle] biopsy of thyroid
Aspiration biopsy of thyroid
06.12 Open biopsy of thyroid gland
06.13 Biopsy of parathyroid gland
06.19 Other diagnostic procedures on thyroid and parathyroid
Excludes : radioisotope scan of :
parathyroid (92.13)
thyroid (92.01)
soft tissue x-ray of thyroid field (87.09)

Parathyroid radioisotope scan

06.2 Unilateral thyroid lobectomy
Complete removal of one lobe of thyroid (with removal of isthmus
or portion of other lobe)
Excludes : partial substernal thyroidectomy (06.51)
06.3 Other partial thyroidectomy
06.31 Excision of lesion of thyroid
Excludes : biopsy of thyroid (06.11-06.12)
06.39 Other
Partial thyroidectomy NOS
Excludes : partial substernal thyroidectomy (06.51)
06.4 Complete thyroidectomy
Excludes : complete substernal thyroidectomy (06.52)
that with laryngectomy (30.3-30.4)
06.5 Substernal thyroidectomy
Most substernal goiters can be excised via a cervical approach;
however, in cases of very inferior extent or increased vasculature or in
cases of recurrent goiters or thyroid cancer, a midline sternotomy may
be necessary for exposure, safety, and completion of the excision.

06.50 Substernal thyroidectomy, not otherwise specified

06.51 Partial substernal thyroidectomy

06.52 Complete substernal thyroidectomy

06.6 Excision of lingual thyroid
Excision of thyroid by :
submental route
transoral route

Lingual thyroid
06.7 Excision of thyroglossal duct or tract
06.8 Parathyroidectomy

06.81 Complete parathyroidectomy

06.89 Other parathyroidectomy
Parathyroidectomy NOS
Partial parathyroidectomy
Excludes : biopsy of parathyroid (06.13)
06.9 Other operations on thyroid (region) and parathyroid
06.91 Division of thyroid isthmus
Transection of thyroid isthmus
06.92 Ligation of thyroid vessels
06.93 Suture of thyroid gland
06.94 Thyroid tissue reimplantation
Autotransplantation of thyroid tissue
06.95 Parathyroid tissue reimplantation
Autotransplantation of parathyroid tissue
06.98 Other operations on thyroid glands
06.99 Other operations on parathyroid glands
Autotransplantation is the transplantation of organ, tissue, or even particular
protein from one part of the body to another in the same person (auto- = "self-").

The autologous tissue (also called autogenous, autogenenic, or autogenic tissue)

transplanted by such a procedure is called an autograft or autotransplant.

It is contrasted with allotransplantation (from other individual of same species)

and xenotransplantation (from other species).

A common example is the removal of a piece of bone (usually from the hip) and
its being ground into a paste for the reconstruction of another portion of bone
07 Operations on other endocrine glands
Includes : operations on :
adrenal glands
pineal gland
pituitary gland
Excludes : operations on :
aortic and carotid bodies (39.8)
ovaries (65.0-65.99)
pancreas (52.01-52.99)
testes (62.0-62.99)
07.0 Exploration of adrenal field
Excludes : incision of adrenal (gland) (07.41)

07.00 Exploration of adrenal field, not otherwise specified

07.01 Unilateral exploration of adrenal field

07.02 Bilateral exploration of adrenal field

07.1 Diagnostic procedures on adrenal glands, pituitary
gland, pineal gland, and thymus
07.11 Closed [percutaneous] [needle] biopsy of adrenal
07.12 Open biopsy of adrenal gland
07.13 Biopsy of pituitary gland, transfrontal approach
07.14 Biopsy of pituitary gland, transsphenoidal
07.15 Biopsy of pituitary gland, unspecified approach
07.16 Biopsy of thymus
07.17 Biopsy of pineal gland
07.19 Other diagnostic procedures on adrenal glands, pituitary gland,
pineal gland, and thymus
Excludes : microscopic examination of specimen from endocrine
radioisotope scan of pituitary gland (92.11)
07.2 Partial adrenalectomy
07.21 Excision of lesion of adrenal gland
Excludes : biopsy of adrenal gland (07.11-07.12)
07.22 Unilateral adrenalectomy
Adrenalectomy NOS
Excludes : excision of remaining adrenal gland (07.3)
07.29 Other partial adrenalectomy
Partial adrenalectomy NOS
07.3 Bilateral adrenalectomy
Excision of remaining adrenal gland

Excludes : bilateral partial adrenalectomy (07.29)

07.4 Other operations on adrenal glands, nerves, and
07.41 Incision of adrenal gland
Adrenalotomy (with drainage)
07.42 Division of nerves to adrenal glands
07.43 Ligation of adrenal vessels
07.44 Repair of adrenal gland
07.45 Reimplantation of adrenal tissue
Autotransplantation of adrenal tissue
07.49 Other
07.5 Operations on pineal gland

Kelenjar pineal (juga disebut badan pineal, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis,

conarium atau "Mata ketiga")
adalah sebuah kel endokrin pada otak vertebrata.

Ia memproduksi serotonin turunan dari melatonin, sebuah hormon yang

mempengaruhi modulasi pola bangun/tidur dan fungsi musiman.

Bentuknya mirip dengan sebuah buah pohon cemara mungil (namanya

karenanya), dan dia terletak dekat dengan pusat otak, di antara dua belahan,
terselip di sebuah alur di mana dua badan thalamus bulat bergabung
07.51 Exploration of pineal field
Excludes : that with incision of pineal gland (07.52)
07.52 Incision of pineal gland
07.53 Partial excision of pineal gland
Excludes: biopsy of pineal gland (07.17)
07.54 Total excision of pineal gland
Pinealectomy (complete) (total)
07.59 Other operations on pineal gland
07.6 Hypophysectomy
Cryohypophysectomy, partial transfrontal approach
Division of hypophyseal stalk transfrontal approach
Excision of lesion of pituitary [hypophysis] transfrontal
Hypophysectomy, subtotal transfrontal approach
Infundibulectomy, hypophyseal transfrontal approach
Excludes: biopsy of pituitary gland, transfrontal approach (07.13)
Cryohypophysectomy, partial transfrontal approach
Destruction of hypophysis by the application of extreme cold.
adalah penggunaan suhu ekstrem (sangat dingin) untuk memusnakan
jaringan yang sakit.
07.64 Total excision of pituitary gland, transfrontal approach
Ablation of pituitary by implantation (strontium-yttrium) (Y)
transfrontal approach
Cryohypophysectomy, complete transfrontal approach

Yttrium-90, 90Y, is a medically significant isotope of yttrium.

Yttrium-90 has a wide and valuable use in radiation therapy to treat cancerr
07.65 Total excision of pituitary gland, transsphenoidal approach
07.68 Total excision of pituitary gland, other specified approach
07.69 Total excision of pituitary gland, unspecified approach
Hypophysectomy NOS
Pituitectomy NOS
07.7 Other operations on hypophysis

07.71 Exploration of pituitary fossa

Excludes : exploration with incision of pituitary gland (07.72)
07.72 Incision of pituitary gland
Aspiration of :
craniobuccal pouch
pituitary gland
Rathke's pouch
07.79 Other
Insertion of pack into sella turcica
Rathke's pouch, cleft, pocketa
diverticulum from the embryonic buccal cavity from
which the anterior pituitary is developed
07.79 Other
Insertion of pack into sella turcica

Sella turcica adalah struktur bertulang yang mewadahi kelenjar pituitari.

The sella turcica (Latin for Turkish seat)
Empty sella syndrome is a condition in which the pituitary gland shrinks or
becomes flattened.
07.8 Thymectomy

07.80 Thymectomy, not otherwise specified

07.81 Partial excision of thymus
Excludes : biopsy of thymus (07.16)
07.82 Total excision of thymus
07.9 Other operations on thymus

07.91 Exploration of thymus field

Excludes : exploration with incision of thymus (07.92)
07.92 Incision of thymus
07.93 Repair of thymus
07.94 Transplantation of thymus
07.99 Other
Thymopexy is the surgical fixation of an enlarged thymus in a new position.