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V Founded in 1940 as Hindustan Aircraft Ltd.

Seth Walchand Hirachand
V On Oct.1,1964 undertaken under Ministry of
Defences and given the name HAL
V HAL has 16 production units and 9 R&D
V Aerospace division, Bengaluru
V Aircraft division, Nasik
V Acessories division ,Lucknow
V Avionics division ,Korwa
V Avionics division ,Hyderabad
V Engine division ,Koraput
V Mechanical factory
V Fuel factory
V Instrument factory
V SU-30 factory
V R&D centre
V Finance
V Quality control unit
V Security and vigilance
Ongoing major projects
V ALH(both in military and civil)
V Hawk-Advanced jet trainer

Initiated projects
V Light combat helicopter
V Dedicated attack helicopter
V Instrument,sensors,gyros
V Electricalpower generation and control
V Land navigation system
V Undercarriage, wheels and brakes
V Hydraulic system and power control
V Engine fuel control system
V Ground support system
V Fuel flow and metering system(STR7-51)
V Fuel flow unit(BR3A-7)
V Digital light indicator(ITS7-1)
V Electronic transducer unit(BEP51-1)
V Semiconductor relay control unit(BUPR21-1)
V Fuel flow transmitter(DRT2-2A)
V Fuel quantity unit(BT3-4)
V Fuelling control panel(PKUZ-72)
V Fuel quantity transmitter(DT41)
V Engine starter(APD-99 SERIES-5)