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Woman : My luggage is too heavy to carry.

Man : Don’t worry. I’ll take your luggage to your apartment.

Woman : Thank you very much
Man : This is what I usually do at the weekend here.
From the dialogue, we know that .....
a. The man works in the apartment at weekends
b. The man asks someone to bring his luggage
c. The woman is moving to the apartment
d. The man brings the luggage to the apartment everyday
Mirza : Did you hear that Linda got a raise?
Tanti : Really? _________ here very long
Mirza : I know, but she’s a hard worker. She deserves to earn more
A. She doesn’t work
B. She hasn’t been working
C. She is not working
D. She didn’t work
Lucy : Did you enjoy your trip to Bali last month?
John : ________________.
A. I can’t say anything about you
B. It was so exciting
C. Bali is famous for its beaches
D. Last month income has increased
Woman : I was having a beautiful dream when the alarm rang.
Man : Were you? That also happened to me.
From the dialogue, we know that …..
A. The woman is beautiful
B. The man is interrupted by the ringing clock
C. The woman is ringing a bell
D. The man is interrupted by a woman
Martin : We ______ Mr. Lee to that new restaurant last night.
Widya : Oh, that’s right. It was Mr. lee’s birthday dinner, wasn’t it?
Martin : Yes, It’s a great place for birthdays.
A. Take
B. Took
C. Have taken
D. Are taking
Alby : What are your plans for your next holiday?
Rizky : _____________.
A. The flight number is GA 981
B. I think I’ll take a Japanese course.
C. I went to Bali
D. I have asked the mechanic for it
Rudi : How do you feel, Bonny?
Bonny: I don’t feel well. I think ______.
A. I am going to go abroad
B. It is going to rain
C. The doctor won’t come
D. I’m going to throw up
(In a crowded restaurant)
Andito : May I share your table?
Rommel: Yes, of course.
A. Permission
B. Request
C. Offer
D. Advice
Dina is going on holiday with her brother Awan and her sister Ani. Dina
asks Awan to carry the cases down by saying, “Could you carry these
cases down?”
The underlined sentence shows the expression of ….
A. Advice
B. Ability
C. Request
D. Offer
Rano : My sister hasn’t made any progress in English this semester.
Rommel : may be she …. Listen to more English songs. It really helps me
A. Must
B. Should
C. Will
D. Can
Bram : How long will the cultural discussions last tomorrow?
Glenn : ___________________
A. If I we start by eight, we will finish before midnight
B. If we had started by eight, we would have finished before midnight
C. If we started by eight, we would finish before midnight
D. If we start by eight, we finish it now
Rudy : I’ve got ticktes for the big match. Get the day off and come too.
Bima : _________. Therefore, he doesn’t like rugby.
A. If the tickets are free, I will go
B. If you pick me up, I will be ready
C. If my boss wasn’t like me, there would be no problem
D. If my boss liked rugby, he might give me the day off
“If the bus driver had been more careful, the accident wouldn’t have
It can be concluded that ……
A. There was a bus accident
B. The bus driver was careful
C. There were no accidents at all
D. We need more careful drivers
“If we go to London, we will visit the Tower.”
It can be concluded that …….
A. We are already in London
B. It is probable that we visit the Tower
C. We stayed at home
D. It was a fact that we were in London