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Q1: Compare Leadership Traits

Ben Samuels

Traits Behavior
Social Positive
Persistent against obstacles Looks out for personal and social
Interpersonal skills Adaptable to needs
Looking out for the people No high standards
Caring Doesn’t set the whole company in his
Q1: Compare Leadership Traits
Phil Jones

Traits Behavior
Aggressive Economical
High Drive Efficient
Dominance Sets high expectations
Poor communication Performance driven
Fear tactics Looking out for the bottom $$$
Q2: Which leader do you think is more effective?
Why? Which leader would you prefer to work for?
• Select one leader and back it up with your reasoning.
• Some points to consider in the case:
• Production Plant
• Ben’s early retirement because new leadership is concerned about production
and cost.
Q3: If you were Phil’s boss, what would you
do now?
• Meet Phil and discuss how he can improve his leadership
• Consider the leadership Grid, Phil has to consider middle of the road
management (tasks vs. people)
• Laying off workers is not the only solution, he could assign them to
something else
• Consult with supervisor before making a decision
• Involve supervisors/workers in decision making to boost employee