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SAMR Model: Integrating

Technology into
By Carson Kollins, Dominic Downs,
Tyler Sommith, Steph Harkness, and
Bella Galli
Defining the SAMR Model

● Four-level model
○ Simple to complex
○ “Increased” influence
● Guides educators on the correct ways to utilize technology

● A change from the use of paper, to a digital format

● Same Functions as writing, just done online
● Starbucks analogy:
○ Switch from school coffee to Starbucks coffee; it’s still the same thing

● Enhances the learning task

● Technology acts as a substitution + functional improvement
○ Google document
● Starbucks analogy
○ Ice coffee

● Technology allows redesign of original task

● Authentic audience
● Technology is required

● Takes normal assignment to a new level

○ Using outside apps
● Impossible to do without technology
● Redefines the experience
Impact on Education

● Allows teachers to reach students inside and outside the

○ Efficient access to assignments
Impact on Education

● Interactive education
○ Different learning styles
Impact on Education

● Technology building blocks

○ “Enhances or transforms” studies
○ More learning programs/possibilities
Goal of SAMR Model

● Cultivate the knowledge and skills of teachers and students

○ Technologically and academically
● Creation of new ideas from improved skills
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