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Event planning

Project summary
• Project name
• Project start date
• Project end date
• Project goal
• Project location
• Project need
• Project description
• Project Budget
Project charter

• Project Statement of Work

• Business Case
• Contract
• Enterprise Environmental Factors
• Organization Process Assets
Name Position Role Contact Responsibility Communication requirements Influence Category

A Head of Event manager 1 Project to be delivered on Email and telephone High internal
department time within budget

Stakeholder register B


Head of design
Event Coordinator

Creative Manager

smooth progress and
coordination of internal

all design related tasks

Email and telephone

Email and telephone




D Human resource HR Manager 4 Plan and maintain Email and telephone High internal
manager performance management

E Head of Marketing Manager 5 Develop creative Email and telephone High internal
marketing marketing ideas for the
department promotion of event

F Staff member of Production Manager 6 Ensures that Email and telephone High internal
HR department manufacturing processes
runs efficiently

G Head of Accounts Finance Manager 7 Monitor day to day Email and telephone High internal
department financial operations and
produce budget for the

H Staff member of Operational Manager 8 overlooking the day to day Email and telephone Moderate internal
HR department affairs

I Office boy Office boy 9 Maintains and arranges Face to face High internal
the office prepares tea
and serve lunch.

J Receptionist Receptionist 10 Process mails and answer Face to face moderate internal
telephone calls

K driver driver 11 Transporting staff to Face to face moderate internal

venue and maintain the

L Guard guard 12 ensure security of staff Face to face High internal

and protect the premises
during event

M locals audience 13 maintain discipline during invitations High external

the ceremony

N Workers in Selected clients of Philips 14 present awards Email and telephone Moderate to low external

O Manager Venue manager 15 Catering, light and sound Email and telephone High external

P Band member keynote Speakers/Performers 16 Deliver speeches and Email and telephone High external
perform at event

Q Locals volunteers 17 telephone Moderate to low external

ROLE RESPONSIBILITY Receptionist Process mails and answer
telephone calls
Event manager Project to be delivered on time Driver Transporting staff to venue
within budget and maintain the vehicle
Event Coordinator smooth progress and Guard ensure security of staff and
coordination of internal protect the premises during
departments event
Creative Manager all design related tasks Audience maintain discipline during the
HR Manager Plan and maintain
Selected clients of Philips present awards
performance management
Marketing Manager Develop creative marketing
Venue manager Catering, light and sound
ideas for the promotion of
keynote Speakers/Performers Deliver speeches and perform
Production Manager Ensures that manufacturing
at event
processes runs efficiently
Finance Manager Monitor day to day financial
operations and produce
budget for the event
Operational Manager overlooking the day to day
Office boy Maintains and arranges the
office prepares tea and serve
Project integration management
• Project management plan
Project Scope management
• Collect Requirements
Award ceremony Musical performance
200 employees


Project Scope management
• Define Scope


“Arranging an annual appreciation event for
200 employees of Philips (pvt.) limited on
May 13, 2019 with a program brief geared
towards employee appreciation. The
Kaleidoscope envisions is responsible for a
turn-key job of organizing the event, provide
catering for high tea and a lunch, followed by
entertainment via a renowned rock/pop
Project Scope management
• Project deliverables
Budget breakdown
Event schedule

Venue selection and design

Lunch and hi-tea for 200 people

Arrangement of musical band Event documentation
Project Scope management
• Project exclusions
Conveyance of participants

Speeches of keynote speakers

Project Scope management
• Project constraints

Managing the team

Limited budget Limited time

Project Scope management
• Project assumptions
Project Scope management
• Create WBS

Event Requirments Venue Selection Marketing/Promotion Designing Planning Transportation Wrap up

corporate contract finalization event
develop contract program for documentat marketing promotion venue reception staffing guest entertainm
requiremen Site visit permissions with venue deposit pf catering invitations RSVP feedback documentati
budget signing event day ion materials materials design booth plan speakers ent materials guests
ts manager equimpents on
venue sound/
identificatio risks site requirment menu promotion stage and professional Identificatio Identificatio
lighting NOC logo design design online RSVP Brochures design dispatch pick-up pictures
n selection s selection mediums backdrop s n n
fee seating facebook seating Communica Communica
use and placement printing paper RSVP mementos location volunteers video
structure placment page layout tions tions teardown drop-off
scale of website dining area
deliverables traffic distribution teardown Scheduling Scheduling
event update layout

date scope circulation Remunerati Remunerati

plan on on

Project Time Management
• Define activities
Project Time Management
• Sequence activities
Project Time Management
• Estimate Activity Resources
Project Time Management
• Estimate Activity Duration
Project Time Management
• Develop Schedule
Project cost Management
• Estimate cost
Project cost Management
• Determine budget
Project quality Management
• Quality management plan
Human resource Management
• Develop human resource plan
Project communication Management TIMELINE
• Goals
Communication type Objectives Frequency Audience Responsible person Deliverable Format

Kickoff meeting -Give brief introduction about Once, as soon as the The whole team Event director Meeting minutes Soft copy
the event to selected project team is selected emailed to event
team. director
-Review the event objectives and
management approach

Design team meeting -Discuss and select design for Weekly Creative manager Creative manager Selected design and Soft copy and hard
stage, reception booth, logo and and his/her team meeting minutes to be copy (for office
invitation. emailed to event record)
-Select the layout plans for director and all the
seating and lighting stakeholders
-Review status and progress of
project every week

Marketing team meeting -Discuss different marketing Weekly Marketing manager Marketing manager Status report and Soft copy
strategies and medium of and his/her team meeting minutes
promotion emailed to event

Finance team meeting -Produce budget for the whole Weekly Finance manager Finance manager Status report and Soft copy
event and his/her team meeting minutes
emailed to event

Inter departmental information -Information exchange to keep As needed or when a Heads of the - - -
exchange all stakeholders updated major decision is made department

Project status meeting -Summary of the status of Weekly Event director and Event director Status report emailed Soft copy
project all department to all stakeholders

Communication management plan

-Discuss potential issues heads
-Discuss schedule and budget
Project risk Management
• Risk management plan
Project risk Management
• Identify risks
Project risk Management
• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Project risk Management
• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Project risk Management
• Plan risk responses
Project procurement Management
• Procurement management plan