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South Carolina 3-3-5 Defense Oo O COOC@OO E N E Stamper Quinn MeCulho Jamieson Ss B Faison Wadley Martin Offing Gary D.ateh. (Harney) Pinkney Moore Lewis ‘Logan M Gawronski MButch. Fleming Saylor Caldwell Overstreet Sams Jordan B Edwards RThomes L.Williams Belk S Offord Cox Bekker Tayel Cc SOUTH CAROLINA DEFENSIVE HUDDLE RCRSFISLS LC RBRENGLELB M OFFENSE DISCIPLINE STARTS WITH THE HUDDLE! ALIGNMENT ‘Nose Guard will set the huddle 3 yards from the ball by raising his hands and yelling 2. Left End and Left Backer align with eyes up, hands on knees - to the left of the NG 3. End and Right Backer - align with eyes up, hands on knees - to the right of the NG 4, Secondary and Spurs and Will LBer will align in back row with hands on hips - standing straight up. 5, Left Comer and Left Spur to the left of the Free Safety. 6 Right Comer and Right Spur to the right of the Will LBer MECHANICS 1. Mike LBer look to sidelines for signal. When he receives the signal he steps to the huddle and communicates the defense 2, Mike LBer also looks to sideline to double check the signal 3. Prior to LBer giving defense, safety should call out down and distance 4. Absolutely no one talks in huddle except LBer 5. When offensive huddle breaks, front should assume position. When the offensive center puts his hand on the ball front should be ready 6. Free Safety must communicate when the ball is in the middle 7. LBers make the front declaration and call out the backfield set 8. Safety: Make coverage call when the offensive formation is shown NOTE: WE WILL BE THE MOST DISCIPLINED FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE COUNTRY. THIS STARTS WITH - HUDDLE DISCIPLINE!