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Sushama Khanna
 Documents Required can be groped in 3
1. Preparatory documents
2. Exercise material
3. Rating sheets

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 Noting sheet for recording behaviour - for
competency identification (Fig. 6.1)
 Competency Dictionary – Competency
definition and behaviour indicator associated
behaviors (Fig. 6.2)
 Checklist for AC Administrator - (Fig. 6.3)
 Assessor’s schedule - (Ch 4; table 4.3)
 Personal information questionnaire (Fig. 6.4)
 Participant’s distribution sheet - Participants’
and assessors’ names with assigned numbers
(Fig. 6.5)

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Name of Participant: Date:
Organization: Role:
S.NO. Behavior Frequency Competency






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1. Analytical Skills – Analyzes problems and develops optimal
and creative solutions that maximize performance.
• Uses data exhaustively.
• Generates alternatives for action based on data available.
• Evaluates avail able alternatives
• Identifies cause-effect relationship bet. Variables
• Supports alternatives with data.
• Integrates data from diverse sources
2. Customer focus – Understands, appreciates, empathizes
and acts towards exceeding customer expectations
• Relates to customers and their needs.
• Anticipates customer’s needs.
• Actively seeks feedback from customers.
• Acts on feedback received from customers.
• Proactively designs systems tofulfill customer’s
* Term Customer includes both internal and external

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3. Communication - Shares and receives information using
clear oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
• Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills.
• Actively listens, provides constructive feedback, and
demonstrates respect for differing views.
• Shares information with others.
• Actively seeks others’ perspectives to ensure inclusiveness and
• Tailors communications to diverse audiences.
4. Employee Engagement - Demonstrates commitment to the
job, colleagues, the organization and its mission by acting in
ways that further the accomplishment of its goals..
• Holdsself and others accountable for meeting commitments.
• Creates and supports a climate in which people can do their
• Adds value; high quality work.
• 4. Understands and supports organizational goals
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5. Solving Problems - Takes a proactive approach to anticipating,
preventing, and solving problems.
• Analyzes and prioritizes situationsto identify and solve
• Solutions increase efficiency and improve quality.
• Involves others in solving problems and making decisions.
• Factors organizational goals into decisions. 5. Makes clear,
transparent, timely decisions.
6. Teamwork and collaboration - Collaborates with colleagues in
order to achieve results in alignment with the operations and
mission of the organization.
• Builds productive working relationships.
• Cooperates and collaborate swith colleagues.
• Treats others with respect.
• Resolves conflicts among team members.
• Balances individual and team goals.
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Item / Activity Qty. Status

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 Instructionsof various exercises
 Response sheets, wherever required
 Instruments, if used
 Exercise Observation sheet (Fig. 6.6)

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 Personal Interview Rating sheets
 Exercise Rating sheets
 In-basket Participant’s report form
 In-basket assessment sheet
 Final rating sheet to collate ratings from
various exercises for each Participant, to be
put in competency matrix
 The final report

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 Assessor’s Manual is complete design of
AC and handed over to Assessors at
start of AC. It contains following
1. Complete AC schedule
2. Competency Dictionary
3. Primary and Secondary Competency
4. Assessment Centre Deign (Exercise -
Competency Matrix)
5. Distribution of Participant to
6. All Exercises

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7. Instructions of various exercise
8. Sample observation sheet for All
9. Sample of Rating sheet for All Exercises
10. on writing Rating sheet
11. Specialized Rating sheet (whwerever
12. Guidelines for written exercises
13. Guidelines on interviewing
14. Guidelines on writing final report
15. Sample final report

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 Preparation of material
 Checklists
 Carrying the material
 Collating the material from the Assessors

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Lay-out for
Group Interactive Exercise


P8 P3

A4 A2


Sushama Khanna