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Forensic Case

Emma Rice, Nico Lofrano, Nick Lloyd, and

Ethan Fonarev
Carleton Comet, Nancy Normal, Theresa Terra, Fred
Flimmer, Sam Sophomore, and Glen Glee were
picnicing on Senior Hill on San Marin’s Campus. The
sky darkened, and there was a moan from Carleton
Comet, and when the clouds passed over one minute
later Carleton was slumped over with a knife in the
back of his neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene
at 8pm.
Evidence From
the Crime Scene
Knife The knife we found
in Carlton Commit is
the murder weapon
and was placed in an
evidence bag and
quickly sent to the
crime lab.
A Note We found a note next
to Carleton Comet
that said you are a
dead man and was
written with black
Blood Blood: There were
two different types
of blood on the knife
● Nancy cut her
hand on a bit of
What We Are Going To Look At

● Ink Chromatography
● Blood Type
● Diseases
○ Chromosome Disorders
● DNA Fingerprinting
● Motives
What We Nancy Normal to be
charged with the first
Request degree murder of Carleton

Sam Sophomore charged

with being an accomplice
to the murder of Carleton
Ink Chromatography
Note and Pens
What is it?

The process used to ascertain what pen was used to write up a piece of

Example: If the killer wrote a confession note in pen, ink chromatography

can be used to figure out what pen he used. From there you could get
fingerprints on the pen and determine the killer.
What is the purpose?

To determine which pen wrote what.

To figure better figure out who might’ve done the crime.

Conclusion with the Ink Chromatography

We found that pen #2 was the pen used in the crime scene.
Blood Types
Blood Types of Suspects

Source of Blood Sample Identified Blood Type

Theresa Terra A

Fred Flimmer O
Glen Glee A

Nancy Normal A

Carleton Comet O
Sam Sophomore O
Blood From Crime Scenes (knife)

Crime Scene Number Blood Type Found

Crime Scene #1 O

Crime Scene #2 A

Crime Scene #1: Carleton Comet’s blood

Makes sense that his blood type would be there
Crime Scene #2: Second Blood Type found
Nancy Normal has type A blood (only two people bleeding at the
The Suspect’s Diseases

Sam Sophomore: Huntington’s & XYY Syndrome

Nancy Normal: Huntington’s & XXX Syndrome
Huntington’s: compulsive behavior, fidgeting, irritability, or lack of restraint,
mental confusion, and delusion
XYY Syndrome: attention difficulties, delayed motor skill development, such
as with writing, delayed or difficult speech, emotional or behavioral issues.
XXX Syndrome: Wide spacing between the eyes, Decreased muscle tone,
Curved fifth ("pinky") fingers (clinodactyly)Small head circumference.Lower
average birth weight.Learning disabilities,
Victim’s Diseases

Carleton Comet: Jacob’s Syndrome

● Only in males
● Not inherited
● Taller than average, weak muscles, and learning disabilities
Crime Scenes

Crime Scene #1 Crime Scene #2

Jacob’s Syndrome was found at XXX Syndrome was found at

crime scene #1 crime scene #2

- Carleton was only person - Nancy was the only person

with this disease with this disease
Our Speculation

We believe that Sam Sophomore and Nancy

Normal’s played a role in their violent actions
because the symptoms of those disease. Especially
with Sam Sophomore’s whose XXY chromosomes
naturally have symptoms of violent behavior.
DNA Fingerprinting
Photo of DNA Fingerprinting
Process & Evidence

● In order to find a match we used a process called DNA fingerprinting in

which we inserted “DNA” into an agar gel and solution.

● DNA fingerprinting is the process of extracting the full characteristics of a

person from their fingerprints.

● We were given the DNA of each of suspect

● Nancy Normal’s DNA is a match at the crime scene

Who really is Carleton
Carleton Comet is Thomas Sandstone

● Thomas Sandstone had a violent and complicated life

○ Affairs with many women, illegitimate children, and was never
heard from again
■ Possibly from being thrown in jail
● Carleton Comet was just released from jail and has recently changed
his name and has many children with different women

All of the evidence and information given to us about this mysterious man
lead us to believe that Thomas Sandston is Carleton Comet
The Charges and Motives
● She was one of the owners of the pen that was
used to write the threatening note
Nancy Normal ○ Writing the note shows that this was a
premeditated murder
● Her blood type was found on the knife that was
used to kill Carleton and Karyotypes match
○ Likely there because she cut herself while
stabbing Mr. Comet
○ Shows she would have been the one to
physically murder him
We request that she is ● She was in love with Fred Flimmer, whose
father was Thomas Sandstone (Carleton
charged with first degree Comet)
murder ○ He killed two people in a wild love triangle
■ Nancy figured it out and killed
Carleton in a way to get Fred’s
attention or impress him
● Had Huntington’s disease (mentally unstable)
● Match for DNA fingerprinting
● One of the owners of the pen that was used
Sam Sophomore ●
to write the threatening note
Had Huntington’s disease, was also
mentally unstable and at risk to commit
something like murder
● Sam was engaged to Peebles Sandstone
○ Who was murdered by Thomas
Sandstone (Carleton Comet)
■ Wants to kill him out of vengeance
We request that he is for killing his fiancé
charged with being an ● Also has been seen with Nancy Normal
accomplice to murder
○ Conspiring?
● Since Nancy’s blood was on the knife she
physically murdered Carleton
○ Sam assisted or helped her carry it out