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Santiago Arenas
English B2
Japan now
• Japan is a Pacific Ocean island nation off the coast of
mainland Asia, is made up of 6852 islands.
• It´s population right now it´s about #26,993,071,
which is the 1,64% of the world´s population.
• Tokyo, it´s capital, is one of the most advanced cities
world wide, it has also been declared the safest and
cleanest city in the world.
• Completed: How do japanese people practice their
• Permanent: What’s your favourite thing about Japan?
• Ongoing: What events or festivals are ocurring in
• Temporary: What was the last cultural change?
• I want to visit Buddhist temples, there filled with culture
and history.
• I want to learn Japanese, the main language in Japan.
• I enjoy watching studio Ghibli movies,some of the most
important movies in japanese culture.
• New and traditional styles are very diferent from each
other, traditional colors aren’t as bright as modern
ones, plus they weren’t as influenced by other cultures
as now, old dresses or kimonos didn’t use as many
different materials and fabrics as they do now , new
patterns aren’t as full as before, in general traditional
fashion didn’t wanted to call the atention as much as
now, but new styles are as beautiful as old ones.
• Japanese food is prepared by the most amazing chefs
• Kimonos are crafted by incredible traditional designers
• Sushi is made out of different vegetables and fish
• In Japan paying quickly the whole bill by yourself it’s
considered rude, the bill must be splitted by everyone.
• In japan you shouldn’t pour your own drink at dinner
parties, someone else must do it for you.
• In japanese restaurants you need to take your shoes off
and then put in sandals or slippers.
“Even monkeys fall from trees”
One of my favourite Japanese proverbs is “even monkeys fall from
trees”, it’s often used when you make a mistake in something your
good at, it means that even though your an expert in something, you
can still make a mistake, but that doesn’t make you less good at it, a
similar proverb in english is “the man who never makes mistakes
always takes orders from one who does”, I like it because it’s
something that always happens, and when it does you let yourself
down, but you need to know that it doesn’t make you less.
• In Japan your supposed to always take your shoes off
when your entering a private or sacred place, if you
don’t it will be considered rude, when you do you have
to put on traditional sandals to get in.
• If you go to a temple your supposed to clean yourself,
spiritually, drinking and washing your hands with
blessed water, located outside the temple.
• Usually tourist go to traditional temples to find
something that would help them go through difficult
• Sometimes people who visit Japan think that they can
get away with not following all the traditional rules, but
japanese people are really serious about them.
The End

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