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NOMBRE: Brayan Ortiz

CARRERA: Técnico En Minería
ASIGNTATURA: Extracción mina 2
PROFESOR: Andrés López Cayupi
FECHA: 15/06/2018

• Every mining company requires transport of liquid material mainly

(transportation of industrial water, fuel transport), supply and a
fundamental work that is the irrigation of dusty surfaces or few
compacted, for it is necessary to motorized equipment TRUCK

• The following work aims to understand the importance of a tank truck

or tank truck, for which it is necessary to know its operational parts
and understand its operation.
Camión aljibe o camión Cisterna
Un camión cisterna minero para su riego
cuenta con:
Tipos de camiones según su uso
Tanque del camión
Tipos de camión aljibe o cisterna
• Camión aljibe con remolque
Camión aljibe de remolque
Puestas en Marcha
Riego y abastecimiento de agua
• Longitud total: 10.080 metros.
• Altura total: 6.302 metros.
• Anchura total: 5.422 metros.
• Peso del estanque: 19.766 kilo gramos.
• Longitud total del estanque: 8.250 metros.
• Altura total del estanque: 3.591 metros.
• Anchura total del estanque: 5.449 metros
Regadío de frentes de carguío
Riego en las Rampas
Abastecimiento a equipos en
• As a conclusion the tank truck has many effective capacities, since it
is of great help to transport aqueous solutions, make records in dusty
or few compact terrains, in the case of mining, trucks being on the
road in a controlled manner, poorly inhabited roads, ramps, area
of ​the drilling, irrigation in the area of ​extraction equipment, among
others, it is also worth saying that these trucks are used both in the
mine as an open pit, as underground mine.