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DL Umali

Who is DL Umali?
● Dioscoro L. Umali
● Was born on November 17, 1917 in
Biñan, Laguna
● BS Agronomy/Agriculture, UPLB
● Ph. D Genetics and Plant Breeding,
Cornell University (1949)
● Ph.D. in Agriculture and Rural
● “Father of Philippine Plant Breeding”
Academic Background
Rizal Elementary School (Tayuman Street)
- Actively participated in singing,
folk dancing and students

Manila West High School (Formerly Torres

High School)
- Singing
- Dancing
- Acting
- Public speaking
- Extra curricular activities
University of the Philippines Los Baños
- College of Agriculture

- Assistant instructor (chemistry)
- Superintendent of the College

Experimental Station (1946)

- UPCA sent Umali to Cornell

University (pursue
- Division of Plant Breeding
- Mussaenda Species
- Yellos Doña Amelita
- improved abaca resistance to diseases
- Increase pulp and paper quality (by cross
breeding it to abaca
- improved corn
- 14 excellent rice types and 5 corn hybrid
(approved and
recommended by Philippine
Seed Board)
- enriched local fruit germplasm
National Scientist Award
● Malacañang, Manila,
● July 11, 1986
● Highest honor given to a
man of science in the
● 16th National Scientist
Plaque of Recognition
● SEAMEO-SEARCA, 27 November 1991
● the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and
Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) is a non-profit organization
established in 1966 by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education
Organization (SEAMEO) with the purpose of promoting cooperation
in education, science and culture in the Southeast Asian Region
● D.L. Umali was the first Director of SEARCA
Most Outstanding and Distinguished Alumnus Award
● UPLB, 1970
● The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus Award (TOUA) is given to deserving alumni
of UPLB who transcended their disciplinary fields and made significant
contributions in various fields
● Rural development and social enterprise; Agriculture and biotechnology
The Outstanding Filipino Award
● 1991
● The TOFIL Award was created by the JCI Senate
Philippines in 1988 with the goal of giving public
recognition to men and women whose exemplary
achievements are worthy of emulation
● Agricultural Research
Strengthened Plant Breeding
in the Philippines
● development of different varieties of
Mussaenda philippica
● Outstanding Achievement and
Leadership in Rice and Corn Research
○ produced 14 outstanding rice
varieties and five outstanding corn
● identified relatives of abaca as sources
of resistance to major abaca diseases
Mussaenda philippica Pacol, Bicol’s wild banana
Dioscoro L. Umali Achievement
Award in Agricultural Development
● Recognizes individuals in
Southeast Asia who
contribute to advancements
in agriculture
● Given biennially and comes
with a prize of $10,000
Year Conferred
● 1986
● Julian Banzon
● Dioscoro Lopez
● Order of National Scientist of the Philippines
● former President Ferdinand Marcos
● contributions in Plant Breeding
● received multiple awards nationally and internationally
● was able to produce fruit varieties
● responsible in researches involved in pollinating macapuno.
Commonalities and
What makes DL Umali different?

● had a less fortunate life

● helped family by selling rice
● baggage boy or the “kargador”
● He first wanted to go to a nautical
● His time as dean was referred to as
The Umali Years (1959-1969)
● passion to serve those in the agrarian
● charisma in dealing with his
colleagues and employees.
In University of the Philippines College of Agriculture, Dioscoro
Umali was known to be a great colleague to many. Being naturally
helpful and nice, just like his mother, he shared his blessing--- wisdom
to help his colleagues. He helped his classmates who he knew had a
hard time completing and answering an assignment, analyzing an
experiment and even helped them in preparation for an upcoming
examination. In short, he became a tutor to his fellow schoolmates.
Ironically, he missed graduating with honors because “he was too
busy doing other things as a student assistant or as a friend.”
According to Professor Janet Reguindin, Dr. Umali is not only known to
be one of the most well-known deans of the College of Agriculture,
(located in the Los Baños campus of the university), he was also globally
recognized. He was famous not only because of his contributions but also
his humbleness to people. His colleagues remembered Dr. Umali’s rule,
“When a farmer visits your office, stop everything you are doing and give
him his due attention, for he is the primary commitment of your being in this
institution.” Because of his kind heart, some buildings of international
research centers are named after his honor such as the DL Umali
Laboratory Hall of Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and
Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) and DL Umali Hall of International Rice
Research Institute (IRRI).
Dr. Dioscoro L. Umali, indeed, is our national scientist who has a
purpose and a heart. For he served as an inspiration to the younger
generations and to the upcoming scientists. May his passion on his works
and his love and respect to people be one of the reasons of becoming
successful one day.
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