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digital Fast Facts*SAP HR We attract, develop, retain people and

world enable organizations
connects to inspire innovation - lead change - create consumer satisfaction
brought to you by
like never
We support SAP’s transformation
to be the MOST INNOVATIVE Cloud
Company powered by SAP HANA.
3 HR Guiding Principles :
- Simplify
- Standardize
- Consumer satisfaction

In this role we are the custodians

of SAP’s talented people.
We measure
HR Services are provided by HR. 293 ,000
5 generations service tickets handled in 2017 with an NPS of
83.3% .
our 2017 success
Employer of
expecting a
fully digital
Continuous innovation is reflected in 23 281 Choiceawards
workplace hashtag themes covering new programs and
We are a truly global business projects in our HR Portfolio.
18,000 overall
support organization
90 % 25.4%
Women in

connecte d Learning
people on 1.1 m offerings*
social HR professionals, *without compliance trainings

networks 75% women, 39 years on average,

across 51 countries as one HR team.
Our consumers are satisfied
200 bn with the services we deliver
connected consumer satisfaction
devices We transform to Run Simple
and in the Cloud of SAP HR’s processes are in
the Cloud . 8.0 (scale 1-10) with HR
Services in 2017 HR
Feedback Survey.

We focus on usability,
performance and simplification.
* End of 2017
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HR technology innovation enables us to design engaging HR services

Transform ation Human Capital Analytics
• Workforce Analytics
• Workforce Planning

Talent Management
• Recruiting • Performance & Goals
• Onboarding • Compensation
• Learning • Succession & Development

Core HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance

Engaging Experience: • People & Transactions • Benefits
• Mobile • Intelligent • Org Management • HR Helpdesk
• Social • Secure • Payroll • Time Tracking
• Personal • Extensible • Absence & Leave Management

Employee Engagement Agility & Innovation Simplify & Standardize Total Cost of Ownership
85 Engagement Index 75% of the go lives 80% of HR processes Global Learning Platform
(+3 in 2016) as quick wins in the Cloud
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affiliate company. satisfaction
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