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Social Media

Israel Martinez

- Social media has evolved since the turn of the

century and has not stopped, especially with the teen
- Used daily on numerous websites
- Led to rise in Cyberbullying
Teen suicide is an increasing issue in the U.S.

- 2nd leading cause of death from ages 10-24

- 3 out of three thousand teens in high school attempt
- Social media is the home of cyberbullying

- Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a

person by intimidating someone or threatening someone
- Allows teens to anonymously bully teens through private
Effects of Cyberbullying

- Can create trolling and body shaming

- Take jokes too far
- Increase in self-esteem issues as girls seem to compare each other
Gender Identification (cyberbullying)

- Teens who apart of the LGBTQ community, are 4x

more likely to commit suicide
- 30% of the LGBTQ community commit suicide
LGBT Statistics

● LGBT youth were nearly three times as likely as non-LGBT youth to say
they had been bullied or harassed online
● 26% LGBT youth said they had been bullied online specifically because
of their sexual orientation or gender expression in the past year.
● 1 in 5 said they had experienced bullying and harassment for these
reasons via text message.
Can’t just blame social media

- Physical and sexual abuse

- Drug and alcohol abuse
- Family issues
- Rise of mood disorders
Teens glorifying suicide

- Social Media romanticizes suicide, instead of disowning it

- 13 reasons why Hannah Baker
- Instead of her getting help, they encouraged it, many people
criticized the show
- Social media has also helped encourage copycat suicides, mostly
because any truly gruesome or tragic suicide is likely to go viral
Teen suicide prevention

● The use of social media by teenages can lead to a drop in suicide rates if
teens use the platforms to raise awareness and attempt to change the
● Things like hotlines and chat rooms are also a source for suicidal people
to have help and give them someone to talk to
Pros and Cons

- Social media can encourage teen suicide or prevent teen suicide

- If they look up how to kill themselves, more likely to do it

- Will look for negative things instead of encouraging ways to not self-

Suicide Numbers

● Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages ten to twenty-
four, behind accidents or unintentional injuries.
● It also accounts for more deaths than cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth
defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease
Statistics according to NMYRRS

- New Mexico did a survey for high schoolers

- Researchers found that nearly 31.9% felt so sad and hopeless almost
every day for two or more weeks in a row
- 20.7% seriously considered attempting suicide
- 7.5% indicated that their attempt required medical attention by a
doctor or nurse
Teen Suicide

● Every day in the United States, about three thousand teens in high
school attempt to commit suicide.
● A survey that was taken in 2018 found that 17 percent of teens in high
school said they had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12
months, and 2.7 percent had made an attempt that resulted in an
The Bullies

- Victims are not the only ones at risks, bullies are too.
- Bullying has serious and lasting negative effects on the
mental health
- Bullying and suicide-related behavior are related
- We should provide support for all individuals involved
Tracking suicide through Twitter

- Twitter may be a viable tool for real-time monitoring of suicide risk

factors on a large scale.
- At-risk tweets were filtered from the Twitter stream using keywords
and phrases created from suicide risk factor
- This study demonstrates that individuals who are at risk for suicide
may be detected through social media.
Hope in the future

- Teens who look for positivity in search for hope, will

get help
- The use in social media will hopefully decrease and
suicide rates will drop

- Teenagers will stop cyberbullying each other